Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chickenhawk Roosting Graphic

I was surprised by the reception that the "Chickenhawk Roosting" graphic got, as originally posted by Gen. J.C. Christian, Patriot. I would like to support, in any way I can, our brave, selfless young OYE volunteers who would like to print out their own sign, and plaster it up where GOP youth "fighting the culture war" meet and reside.

I've put up a post on my own site containing links to the higher-end graphics, but to save you a trip, here's the GIF (170 KB) and the PDF (136 KB). I suggest you do the old right click and "save as".

Now that I've been invited to contribute to OYE, I hope to produce more worthwhile contributions to the cause and be useful as your man in Washington DC.


At 31 August, 2005 23:43, Blogger burnplant said...

You were already a hero in my book after you called out Lord Spatula on his nonsense.


At 01 September, 2005 02:37, Blogger 16 said...

Uh, they appear to be 170 and 136 KB rather than MB

At 01 September, 2005 03:22, Blogger Treva L Van Fossen said...

This would make a great blog button. ;)

At 01 September, 2005 06:13, Blogger Mykeru said...

You're right...KB. Friends don't let friends blog tired.

At 01 September, 2005 10:33, Blogger John P. Hoke said...

Rev Mykeru should be promoted to Lord Overseerer of Reverse Agit-Prop.

He has been elevated to P.O.P.E. in the Flatiron Cabal of the L.D.D for his wonderful signage :)

Now if only I had seen these posts before I went to D.C. last weekend... I could have had some good ol' discordian fun as well... fnord

At 02 September, 2005 22:28, Blogger Kate said...

put that elephant button in your cafestore and I'll be buying it in every media (shirt, bumpersticker, mug. . .)

At 02 September, 2005 22:31, Blogger Kate said...

OH WHY LOOKIE! off the right you have a button for the general's stuff. I went looking earlier and only found the demented hamster (nice enough but would scare and confuse the children).

Yes, indeed. Time to do some shopping.


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