Monday, August 29, 2005

Bush Gives Reason #513 To Defend The Iraq War

The President has argued that the only way to honor those who have died in Iraq is to continue fighting the war. PoliShifter nails it:

We will stay in Iraq to honor those that died honorably. Huh???? Those that have died honorably in Iraq did so because of the dishonesty of Bush and his cronies. Now Bush says that in spite of his lies we will allow even more American soldiers to die honorably in order to protect his own dishonor and dishonesty. Any of you that agree with this logic should enlist in our armed forces and relieve anyone currently serving in Iraq that does not believe Bush's lies are worth dying for. Come on people. We are not that stupid. It is time to bring them home and stop the lies.
The War President wants to honor those who have died for his war by making more soldiers die. This is a perfect opportunity for recruitment! PoliShifter directs this message straight to our Yellow Elephant friends:

Go Fight for Dubya's "noble cause"...All you have to do is "stay the course", remember that you are "making progress", and that "freedom is hard work". That is all your fearful ChickenHawk President thinks needs to be said, I mean done, to win the war in Iraq.

Bush: Support the War, Screw the Troops!


At 29 August, 2005 13:09, Blogger Guano said...

Looks like another right wing columnest is slapping around Ben Shapiro for not serving his country in time of need.

At 29 August, 2005 14:52, Blogger larkohio said...

You know, we have had so many reasons for going to Iraq, they had to come up with them because the one they gave us, about WMD's was such a lie. So they thought something else up, next week Bush will have another new one.

I do not think anyone should have to die for his lie.

At 29 August, 2005 20:52, Blogger The Kenosha Kid said...

Scott's World Nut Daily article is actually very good. Here's the link


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