Monday, August 29, 2005

Defense of Montgomery County Young Republicans!

I guess my post here at Operation Yellow Elephant started something. Blinq's got a few responses highlighted on his site, and I especially like this one from The City Troll (Man, they are rathioning logic around those Young Republicans, aren't they?):

"I find it amusing that the so called free thinking Liberals are starting a public campaign to harass people who have a different point of view than yourselves. The same old stupid cries over and over. If your going to support the countries military actions you can't speak about it unless you serve. Do you know how pathetic and silly that makes you all sound? The so called supporters of free speech and minority rights have created a campaign to attack others that don't think as they do.Your actions are the same as giving prizes to people for putting up posters to harass Blacks, Gays, Women, etc.. The only difference is that your replacing one of those groups with conservatives. What would your reaction be if a campaign that plastered posters ostracizing any whites for supporting Civil Rights? and prizes would be given to the best poster."

Does the poor troll feel attacked, or what? Now he's hiding metaphorically behind African Americans and gays? Last I heard, the descrimination against those groups was because of who they are, not because of their opinions. Who they are did not cause a war where tens of thousands of people died, and the existence of African Americans and gays and women did not support and perpetuate such war.

Yes, you are a troll. I just wish you weren't in my city. And an ignorant troll at that, given the title of your rant:

The left is using HATE SPEACH TACTICS to haras College Conseratives

Still, the Army is recruiting High School Dropouts, so this City Troll can still enlist if he wishes, in order to serve in Operation Noble Cause, or whatever the latest PR designation is that they are using now.


At 30 August, 2005 09:49, Blogger Blogenfreude said...

Last time I checked, blacks and women were protected classes (maybe even gays depending on your state). The only way conservatives could be a protected class would be if they rewrote the laws to ... oh, wait, sorry, my bad. But seriously - no one should be distracted by this nonsense. We are attacking them for their stupid ideas and failure to put their ass on the (front) line. We are not attacking what they are, but what they believe.

I wonder if the Troll is the right age ...? C'mon Troll - go take one for the team!

At 30 August, 2005 12:53, Blogger burnplant said...

Whenever a liberal or a Democrat attack a Republican with their own tactics, it is considered HATE SPEECH (or SPEACH, in some cases), that's just a fact.

Reading through the Blinq article, I had to laugh at this:

For your information, one of our former Montco YR officers is serving in Iraq in the Army JAG and an officer of our neighboring federation (Bucks County) has just enlisted in the Army Rangers... Tell me sir, what have you done?

I've had quite a few Yellow Elephants pull that one out on me. To paraphrase: "I know a guy, who knows a guy, who knows a guy that is serving, so there! And, I have a girlfriend, but you don't know her...she lives in Canada."

At 31 August, 2005 13:51, Blogger djangone said...

What attack? What you're offering YRs is pure opportunity: the opportunity to stand up for their beliefs.

At 02 September, 2005 16:20, Blogger PTSD Vet said...

To The City Troll -
I spent 20 years in the US Army - Last assignment was the 1st SF Group - So I certainly would not call me a leftist liberal. Please do not bother to thank me with a "Thanks for your service." line that is absolutely meaningless. Plain simple fact is these people get it and you don't. The only real hateful speech that I have heard comes from you pugnacious pukes of priviledge (sounds like Spiro Agnew - former Republican Vice President & CONVICTED FELON). By the way troll, most of the Vietnam Veterans like me that I see at the hospitals during treatments for our wounds despise people like you and it probably won't be long before all of us start voting for Democrats regardless of issues. And before you claim that PTSD means whacked out let me explain that in VA speak PTSD means "Permanent & Total Service-connected Disabilities". I truly hope that your Congressional heros will realize that to continue the persecution of this war a draft will be required, and then your belicose beligerent babblings will be put to good use saying "Yes, Sir!", "No, Sir!" and "Sorry, Sir!"

I only hope that some young free thinker out there will help out an old, weary and war-torn veteran by sending a cut, paste, and posting of this comment to the city troll because I simply do not have the computer skills to do that.

At 20 March, 2007 18:35, Anonymous david nichols said...

I hate to break it to you uneducated, wanna be policy makers... but political affiliation is a protected category in many state and hundreds of cities/towns.

The real problem with all of you is that you want to paint each other as evil and wrong. No single party has a monopoly on right... or ethics... or even good ideas. In fact good ideas and good leaders come from both parties.

The two party system has failed us all... the extremist dominate both parties. That is why the Dems are gaining controle now and why the Repubs took it a fews years back. The country gets so tired of one way that it starts leaning in another... the controle/power shifts and the country gives the other side a chance... they fail miserably, get drunk on the power and the tide turns again.

Unless all of us are ready to stop voting for the party and start voting for the right candidate... we all all doomed to repeat this pathetic cycle.


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