Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Young Republican

Tip o the hat to RacerX at Daily Kos for this one.

Young Republican Ryan Chapman believes that Cindy Sheehan and the Crawford protestors should be tear-gassed.

A man with this kind of brains, guts, and determination is just the kind of guy we need to fight terror in Iraq. Sign him up, and ship him out!


At 31 August, 2005 14:58, Blogger DanceswithDragons said...

Email to the Fort Collins Foxes
or call (970) 225-9564

To Whom It May Concern in the Fort Collins Foxes Organization:

I was recently directed to you site by a friend, an alumni in order to procure tickets for an upcoming visit. While I was roaming your site I came across this particular item:

"Family Atmosphere
The Foxes promise you a family atmosphere at all games. This includes a no-alcohol policy and no obnoxious or profane fans. If any individuals cannot be part of our family atmosphere, they will be escorted out of the ballpark by security. "

Then, recently I read an opinion piece by one of your interns, Ryan Chapman, please pay particular attention to the final paragraph:

(It has been edited for length)

OPINION Wednesday August 31, 2005

Why I Hate Protesters
By Ryan Chapman
August 31, 2005

As anyone who reads my column on any kind of a regular basis knows, I don't take very kindly to peace protesters. I think they are ignorant to the ways of the world and just plain don't accomplish anything. In the past few weeks, however, I have been extremely patient with the growing gaggle of hippies outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. I have been respectful of this group for one reason; they are led by the mother of a U.S. soldier who was killed in Iraq.

My esteemed colleague, Tyler Whitman, explained this situation in depth in his column last Friday so I will not go into how Cindy Sheehan is tarnishing the name of her son. I will, however, go into depth on why I think this whole mess has gotten out of hand.

Anyway there you have it, proof that all protesters can be idiots, not just the ones who want peace. The way I would suggest resolving this situation, is to have the police of Crawford simply start tear-gassing the crowd, on BOTH sides of the road until they return to wherever it is they came from. Hopefully that way we can get back to letting the professionals solve the problems of the world without the input of a bunch of nutcases in a field.

Advocating tear-gassing the mother of a fallen soldier who wants answers to questions that most Americans are asking these days does not represent "Family Atmosphere" or values or anything else other than violence for violence sake. Additionally, intimating that anyone who protests is an idiot shows his lack of knowledge of the history of his country. Imagine Ryan calling the participants of the Boston Tea Party idiots.

Allowing this young man, who's opinions show his obvious lack of life experience in addition to his lack of education in American History, to continue to intern for your organization is tantamount to supporting his opinions. Until his internship has been cancelled, I will not be supporting the University or any activities the University undertakes. Perhaps this Ryan would benefit from a class or two in social science as well.

Disgruntled fan


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