Friday, September 22, 2006

OYE 104: What All Bush/War Supporters Must Do!

If you are an American citizen 18-41 and support the war, if you haven't visited your local Armed Forces Recruiting Center to volunteer for military service, then you're a Yellow Elephant.

Even if you know you're not eligible to serve in the military, stop by anyway. At this point, recruiters have enough time on their hands to tell any American citizen in that age group who wants to volunteer whether he/she qualifies for enlistment. You don't need to fill out any paperwork. Just tell them why you think you're not eligible. If you're mistaken, they'll start the process to confirm that you have the courage of your convictions.

If the recruiter confirms that you are not eligible, get the recruiter's card and note date, time, location and exact reason.

Then ask the recruiters what you can do to help. Do what they tell you. And keep on doing it.

Only then are you off the hook with Operation Yellow Elephant.
Not before.


At 29 September, 2006 10:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mantova got fired

At 29 September, 2006 19:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and if you don't support the war, you need to enlist as a human shield. Once enough Human shields form Western countries are deployed to Iraq to put their life on the line for their ideals, then they will win.

Until then you're asking for seriously disproportionalte sacrifice.

That or the optional alternate. For war based votes, only those who are serving, or have served in the past will get to vote.

Feel free to choose which it is you believe, or just rant psychotically on.

At 13 July, 2007 11:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jawohl, mein Fuhrer. Tell me, comrade, how are you and your friends serving your country? Have you served in combat? If not, it is hypocritical of you to criticize anyone else for not serving. Oh wait, liberals being hypocrites! What a shocker! Alert the media - oh wait, they only report it when conservatives are hypocritical. I forgot.

At 29 July, 2007 12:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm, looks like the "german" above got a nerve touched. Shame he didn't first say how he was serving his country to contrast - looks like a little saffron pachyderm hiding under his bed with a laptop sending out missives!
Just another coward, yawn.

At 25 January, 2008 12:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like the saying goes: Put up or shutup! If you believe in this war YOU should enlist. If your to old encourage your children to enlist. If they're to old encourage your grandchildren to enlist! Why should poor Americans be the only ones to sacrifice for this or any war! How many politicians have children in Iraq? I bet you could count them on ONE hand!

At 25 January, 2008 15:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Roger THAT !!

At 10 April, 2008 13:44, Blogger Groenhagen said...

"Why should poor Americans be the only ones to sacrifice for this or any war! How many politicians have children in Iraq?"

That's BS. Not just the poor are serving in the military. That was a lie during Vietnam and it is a lie today.

BTW, John McCain's youngest son has served in Iraq. Another son will graduate from the Naval Academy and will probably go to Iraq.

And when did you serve? Do you support our military effort in Afghanistan? If so, I assume you're on active duty today.

Cpl. Kevin Groenhagen, USMC


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