Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Why Real Americans Oppose Torture

Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R) strongly supports President Bush's proposed rules for the interrogation of terrorism suspects, which many distinguished real Americans, including Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and former Secretaries of State General (ret.) Colin L. Powell and George P. Shultz, strongly oppose. Money quote:

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, widely seen as a leading competitor for McCain's centrist appeal, has forcefully endorsed Bush's position.

"I am foursquare behind President Bush," Romney said in an interview. "Sen. McCain's position is mistaken on this issue."

Here's another money quote from Gov. Romney (August 2005):

"No, I have not urged my own children to enlist. I don't know the status of my childrens' potentially enlisting in the Guard and Reserve," Romney said, his voice tinged with anger.

Massachusetts residents can enlist in the National Guard up to age 39 (now 41). Romney's five sons range in age from 24 to 35. Neither the Romney children nor the governor have served in the military, Romney spokeswoman Julie Teer said.

The American people support the Geneva Conventions and oppose torture to protect our troops when they go into harm's way. We know that what goes around, comes around.

If winning the Global War on Terrorism and enacting President Bush's proposals are so important to America, Governor Romney would enhance his own credibility with the American people by accepting personal responsibility for his decisions. He won't.


At 20 September, 2006 17:19, Blogger robash141 said...

The big differance between the ex-military people who oppose the Bush torture policy and the chickenhawks like Romney who support it , is that we ex military members have learned about the Geneva convention during basic training in the contex of "These are your rights under international law in case you are captured by the enemy"

The Chickenhawks look at it from an entirely differant perspective of "What can we get away with when questioning prisoners."

Thats why most Cowardly chickenhawks support torture.

And Most ex-US military oppose it..


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