Monday, September 11, 2006

OYE Warning Order: The Sands of Iraq? No Way! Young Republicans Have Volunteered for the Beaches of South Florida! [Seriously.]

Attention Real Americans!

The next Young Republicans National Convention takes place July 4-8 2007 at the Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida. We're counting on lots of Real Americans to be there to encourage the future leaders of our governing party to volunteer for military service to help President Bush to WIN the Global War on Terrorism.

We're counting on all of you to participate, in any way you can. You can register for the convention by clicking here. Sponsors click here.

No matter what happens in November, our servicemembers will still be fighting the GWOT in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere and will still need your support. Thank you!


At 16 September, 2006 20:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget CPAC in March!

At 16 September, 2006 22:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CPAC is f-in sweet. So isn't the YAF NCSC. Don't dare smack those conferences around.


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