Saturday, September 09, 2006

How our Army is Meeting its 2006 Recruiting Quota

While our Army is expected to meet its quota of 80,000 for the recruiting (fiscal) year ending September 30, they are making some compromises according to the Pentagon's own standards:

High school diploma: 81.2% (through August 2006), vs. Pentagon standard of 90%. Lowest since 1981 (80%).

AFQT Score above 50th percentile: 61%, exceeding (and therefore meeting) Pentagon standard of 60%. However, it's the lowest since 1985.

Cat IV recruits: 3.7% of the current cohort, below (and therefore meeting) maximum Pentagon standard of 4% which was recently doubled from 2%.

Waivers have increased, but there are further refinements to the process that make the numbers not directly comparable. These include looking at heavier, athletic recruits not as overweight but as strong soldiers, by doing a 15-minute stair-climbing test and 15 push-ups. The Army is also seeking to identify good soldiers within the larger cohorts they have traditionally sought to screen out. All of these developments are helpful and should be applauded.

Only one quarter of the primary cohort (age 17-24), or 4.6 million people, are even eligible to join the military. The rest are ineligible due to criminal, drug and medical problems, including 25% obesity. I guess this includes former College Republican National Committee (CRNC) Treasurer Chris Tiedeman and CRNC Chair Paul Gourley. Click here. And here.


At 09 September, 2006 10:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No matter how bad, it's still better than a draft.

At 09 September, 2006 19:05, Blogger Progressive Pete said...

Do you think a draft would generate even more frustration of the Bush Admin. and what change would result?

By the way, dig the blog

At 09 September, 2006 23:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The argument the anti-feds used against a standing army work just as well for the draft, what exists will be used and then some. History has born this out.

What is good about a volunteer force is that eventually, volunteers run out.

At 10 September, 2006 10:39, Anonymous Craig said...

What is good about a volunteer force is that eventually, volunteers run out.

Are you kidding??!!

You think it's good that our professional military is worn out, overextended and dropping like flies? What happens when we're hit with a REAL military crisis?

At 10 September, 2006 18:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More adventures of those fighting the war at home.

At 10 September, 2006 21:17, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the "Catch Penn State..." post with the hippies go home sign, Paul Gourley is not on the right. Paul does not wear glasses and his hairline is different.

At 14 September, 2006 11:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But we're already far into the fight.

Please observe our fine troops inaction!

At 29 September, 2006 23:23, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grant it our military is underfunded, and spread fairly thin through out our multiple quagmires across world. they are still the finest soldiers on this planet..I highly doupt they will activate our draft system, I firmly believe the day bush is out of office our new president will hopefully have a more diplomatic aproach to our many issues with forieghn relations.


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