Monday, December 22, 2008

National Budget and Military Spending

A bit off topic, yet it may become relevant in respect to OYE's mission: LT Nixon responds to a New York Times article that proposes what cuts to make in the Military budget.
I agree that the Army and USMC needs to be increased, but that doesn't necessarily mean gutting the Navy and Air Force (which already had massive cutbacks during the Clinton years). Apparently, the NYT editorial board isn't buying into the deterrence value of the U.S. military. Perhaps they figure Obama's genuine awesomeness will prevent every nation in the world from being overly aggressive (which Russia disproved the day after he got elected). History has not been kind to nations that have a lousy and ill-funded military (think Poland 1939), but those lefty charities that went under due to the Madoff scandal aren't going to pay for themselves.


At 27 December, 2008 05:03, Anonymous Robert Hamer said...

LT Nixon is absolutely right. While I agree with the proposal of restructuring military spending, it would be a terrible mistake to cut funding from the Navy. It's amazing to me how so few people understand the deterrence value of navies.

At 28 December, 2008 11:35, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

To stimulate the economy when need to completely destroy the military of the United States and then spend the entire budget of the government in rebuilding the military, this will create millions of new jobs and provide us with a completely updated military. This should be done every 20 years.

At 14 March, 2009 00:17, Blogger Rajesh said...

I wish we had two worlds. One in which no arms were used another in which arms were used.
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