Sunday, November 30, 2008

Charlie Don't Serve’s worth saying again - the Surge has worked in Iraq.............Now, the only question is will Presiden Obama purposefully force defeat on our troops in Iraq, or will he let our military finish the job?- Charlie Smith, National Chairman for the College Republican National Committee
OYE Comment: So Mr. Smith, what was your contribution to The Surge? Nothing. So far your greatest accomplishments in life are impersonating the person impersonating a plumber (read this again, I swear it makes sense) and being the boss of the woman who carved a backwards "B" in her face to somehow sway the Presidential election by stirring racial tension.

Charlie has been eligible to serve in uniform for the last six years and for what we know he's never seen the inside of a recruiting station (yes, we have asked him). This is why we find it curious for him to make statements like "purposefully force defeat on our troops" and "let our military finish the job". Normally this is the place we'd tell Mr. Smith to Be A Man! Enlist! but we've come to the realization that it would be better if he didn't waste a recruiter's time.


At 02 December, 2008 07:21, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what job our military is suppose to finish? I'm not being a smart ass, I really don't know. I asked my husband (station in Iraq for 15months) and he couldn't tell me. Do you think Charlie knows.


At 02 December, 2008 22:18, Blogger Wek said...

Lisa, feel free to ask Charlie in his post (just click on the top most hyper link). I wouldn't expect him to answer, but I'm confident he'll at least read it.

At 03 December, 2008 12:10, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

The Last Year has been abut proving The Iraq War has been won, even though Americans (and Iraqis) are still dying. Why? Because it is a set-up to use against Obama should the guerilla war flare up again. Then the barca-lounger commandos and REMFers can declare Obama Lost Iraq we must have republican like Palin in the office in 12!

At 05 December, 2008 18:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

email to Chuckie:


Hey surgeboy, what have you done besides cheer lead for Bush?
Why not sign up?

The surge worked and
it's still too dangerous for you?




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