Sunday, November 02, 2008

Former Enlisted Soldiers Join ROTC

From the Houston Chronicle:
If it's a Wednesday, Sanjeet Caberwal is on campus at Rutgers University, wearing a camouflage uniform for his Army ROTC class. The patch on his left sleeve reads "Leadership Excellence" as it has for generations of officer candidates at colleges across the country.

But the patch Caberwal wears on his right sleeve would have been virtually impossible to spot a decade ago on the uniform of a cadet in the Reserve Officers' Training Corps.

It's a combat patch.

Caberwal, a 21-year-old engineering major from Middletown, N.J., who served in Iraq, is part of a national wave of veterans who served in combat as enlisted troops and are now returning to campus with plans to rejoin the military as officers.

OYE Comment: At a time when The Military has been criticized for accepting substandard recruits, these men have stepped forward AGAIN for the benefit of Our Country. Having already been tested in combat they will offer invaluable leadership as officers in The Army. We thank them a second time for their service.


At 05 November, 2008 13:21, Anonymous VJBinCT said...

Thank you, Sanjeet, we need officers like you. Who know what it's like.


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