Monday, October 13, 2008

Leon County Young Republican President

A bit off topic, but here's a bizarre, racist, sexist rant from a gentleman claiming to be the President of the Leon County Young Republicans (state unknown, but we're guessing it's in FLA).

OYE Comment: Not sure if this is a really piss poor attempt at snark or not? Although after attending the Young Republican National Convention in 2007 and being surrounded by hundreds of Yellow Elephants, we're currently under the belief that this joker takes himself seriously.


At 14 October, 2008 14:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI -- There is no such club "Leon County Young Republicans"

At 14 October, 2008 14:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is obviously a liberal poking fun of Republicans.

At 14 October, 2008 14:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 15 October, 2008 14:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact that you have a video of a Democrat pretending to be a Republican, and president of a club that does not exist, shows how baseless your argument is.

At 17 October, 2008 23:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ummm how many joe the plumbers are out there, baiting democrats, even though they are tied to some of the worst white collar criminals in history and McCain???? Eat it!


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