Sunday, September 14, 2008

Presidential Nominees on Military Service

Presidential nominees, Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, were interviewed separately at Columbia University to discuss national service. Both agree that the size of Our Armed Forces need to be increased.

Senator McCain: "We need to expand the size of our military and we need to do it as rapidly as possible.....and we have to perhaps offer additional incentives."

Senator Obama: "It's important for us to increase the size of our Army and our Marines."

When asked, Senator Obama also addressed ROTC not being offered at Columbia University.

"The notion that young people here at Columbia, or anywhere, at any university, aren't offered the choice, the option of participating in military service I think is a mistake."

OYE Comment: We would like to thank both the nominees for discussing the importance of Military Service to Our Country. If you were unable to watch the interviews last week please see the videos here.


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