Friday, August 22, 2008

Military Recruiters at the National Conventions?

In the past, both major parties have invited our military to set up information displays, etc., at their national conventions. All such public relations activities are offered to both parties on an equal basis.

Assuming they're doing something similar this year, are military recruiters included?

What a great opportunity for our national civilian political leadership, both current and future, to learn personally exactly what is at stake in their decisions: being asked to serve themselves [if eligible*], or urged to encourage their own eligible* relatives and friends, their political supporters (including campaign contributors), their circles of influence, to Be A Man! Enlist!

* Healthy heterosexuals 41-or-under.


At 22 August, 2008 21:00, Blogger Severus said...

I don't think members of the military are allowed to attend political events in official capacities.

At 22 August, 2008 23:28, Anonymous Leigh Wolf - Sfsu CRs said...

they can so long as they appear as representitives and not as active supporters. Hence recruiters at both conventions.

OYE, you really think its a good idea to put a service rifle in the hands of a policy wonk? Everyone has their skills and place. Some people just shouldn't be in the military.

At 23 August, 2008 09:47, Blogger Severus said...

okay. shows how much I know.

At 23 August, 2008 12:48, Blogger OYE said...

leigh wolf - sfsu crs

Re: OYE, you really think its a good idea to put a service rifle in the hands of a policy wonk? Everyone has their skills and place. Some people just shouldn't be in the military.

22 August, 2008 23:28

We fully agree with you that, "Some people just shouldn't be in the military."

However, we think that anyone eligible to serve who supports what Our Country is trying to accomplish should allow our military to decide whether (s)he would make a good servicemember.

Furthermore, even future policy wonks, along with many other motivated, ambitious young people who aspire to national leadership should at least consider whether to serve Our Country in its time of need.

Oblige before noblesse is essential for leadership credibility.

At 24 August, 2008 16:20, Blogger robash141 said...

OYE, you really think its a good idea to put a service rifle in the hands of a policy wonk? Everyone has their skills and place. Some people just shouldn't be in the military

Perhaps the same people shouldn't be policy wonks either.

After all Leigh , you wouldn't value marital advice from someone who was chronically unfaithful to their spouse.
You wouldn't accept healthy living advice from someone who smokes three packs a day.

It certainly wouldn't be wise to accept financial advice from someone who blows their entire paycheck up at the casino.

What good would war advice be from a young military serviceable age person who advocates aggressive military solutions to most of the worlds problems but is personally unwilling to fight?

Not worth a crap I'd say.

Perhaps these would be policy wonks should investigate employment opportunities strictly within the private sector.

If they are too spineless to actually put their asses on the line why do we taxpayers owe them a living?

PS I'm not talking about people are physically unable to serve.
Just young healthy people who strenuously advocate war but can't summon the wherewithal to go fight

At 24 August, 2008 20:22, Anonymous Leigh Wolf - SFSU CRs said...

Robash, i need to get you a life size inflatable college republican that you can just punch when you wake up in the morning.

At 24 August, 2008 20:28, Blogger Severus said...

so I guess OYE is saying that it doesn't matter whether you're GOP or Democrat, you should serve.

At 26 August, 2008 18:12, Blogger OYE said...

severus [24 August, 2008 20:28]-

Given that the American people have chosen both major parties to run our country, giving the Republican party control of the White House and the Democratic party control of both Houses of Congress, they share the responsibility to set a good example for the rest of us.

Whichever new President takes office 20 January, 2009 [less than 150 days from now], he will need to inspire his strongest supporters to demonstrate their oblige before he can expect our noblesse.

For those eligible to serve who support what our nation is currently trying to do, or who publicly support similar actions elsewhere in the world, one must ask whether they have considered putting their own lives on hold, and then on the line, for the principles they urge on others.

It's a basic principle of leadership.

At 26 August, 2008 22:09, Blogger Wek said...

Leigh Wolf- please send me an E-mail at your earliest convenience: the13thgeneration (at ) gmail /dot/ com

or just click on "Wek" located on the sidebar.


At 27 August, 2008 13:25, Anonymous Leigh Wolf - SFSU CRs said...

wek, i thought i made myself clear in Boston....

At 27 August, 2008 23:54, Blogger Wek said...

Boston? Not following you here, Leigh? Please EEE-LAB-OAR-ATE.

At 29 August, 2008 00:26, Blogger Wek said...


At 29 August, 2008 22:48, Anonymous Leigh Wolf - SFSU CRs said...

Note to self: Avoid ambiguous Simpson's references when talking to WEK.

I just got done editing this OBAMA video, i think you'll enjoy it:

At 30 August, 2008 13:23, Blogger robash141 said...

Leigh , you claim to be a member of the active duty armed forces

Article 88, which makes it a crime for an officer to use contemptuous words against the president, the vice president, Congress, the secretary of defense, the secretary of a military department, the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, or the governor or legislature of any state, territory, commonwealth, or possession in which he is on duty or present

In 1999, Army Lieutenant Colonel Michael Davidson explained in a law review article that contemptuous “means insulting, rude, disdainful or otherwise disrespectfully attributing to another qualities of meanness, disreputableness, or worthlessness.”

Obama is not just some "librul" bobblehead, for you to caricature

In case you have forgotten he's actually a US Senator

You could be getting yourself into A LOT of trouble with this kind of nonsense.
Just trying to be helpful.

At 30 August, 2008 14:16, Anonymous Leigh Wolf - SFSU CRs said...

(smiles without laughing)
(shakes head condescendingly in realization of Robash's ignorance)
When in uniform and on orders Robash....

At 30 August, 2008 15:27, Blogger robash141 said...

Bullshit Leigh!

If you are a member of the active duty armed forces then you are subject to the UCMJ.
If you are on leave you are subject to the UCMJ
If you are a retiree recieving a pension you are subject to the UCMJ

If you are in the delayed entry program you can be subject to provisions of the UCMJ

What makes you think you're so special you would get a pass?

You might not be smiling so condescendingly if your commanding officer is the one who has to explain that to you. While your heels are locked

I know the DOD really laid the wood to some soldiers who were photographed at an anti-war rally a couple of years ago even though they were out of uniform. I don't have any objection to that.

And If you are thinking about getting into OCS you are not really helping yourself by flouting the regulations .

At 30 August, 2008 20:45, Anonymous Leigh Wolf - SFSU CRs said...

(continues laughing)

At 31 August, 2008 18:17, Blogger robash141 said...

I guess it's starting to boil down to three rather unattractive possibilities for Leigh.

1. He's lying about joining the Marine Corps. And knowing allowing his enlistment status to be misrepresented by others In which case he's fucked .

2. He's in the Marine Corps but he is rather egregiously violating the regulations against partisan political activity within the ranks. In which case , he is also fucked.

3. He's sitting around, in , summer school waiting for OCS to call and in the meantime acting like a complete public idiot, In which case they will reject his application. Because, hopefully, they will be looking for calm steady professionals rather than exibitionistic ,antagonistic, egotistical show -offs

It wouldn't be any surprise to me if snotty little Lafayette boy thinks he's too good to serve in the enlisted ranks.

It certainly would give him a convenient excuse not to serve.

In which case, he is once again fucked

One that I'm sure that will fly down at the country club. Those are the only people that seem to matter to Leigh anyway

Since Leigh seems constitutionally incapable of giving a straight answer, We should all feel free to start assuming the worst about him.

At 02 September, 2008 01:42, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

1. (Continues laughing)
2. (Continues laughing)
3. (Continues laughing)

This is all you're ever going to get...

At 02 September, 2008 10:03, Blogger robash141 said...

He' introducing himself as the newest member of the Village People.

At 02 September, 2008 21:04, Blogger Doppelganger said...

We have to remember, Rob, that the UCMJ sections pertaining to military personnel not dissing the prez and pals only refers to Republicans. You may recall that Air Force general who gave a speech when Clinton was president in which he called him names and made all manner of disparaging remarks about him.

If I remember correctly, nothing happened to him. But look at what happens to soldiers who openly question Bush and his cronies.

I wonder what that dude's MOS is...

Funny - on a discussion board I frequent, a National Guard clerk recently referred to his unit being deployed, going 'back to combat' as he described it...

At 02 September, 2008 23:07, Blogger robash141 said...

I believe the General in question was dinged pretty hard . If I remember correctly he was relieved of his command, forced to take an immediate involuntary retirement and maybe even docked a pay grade.

They basically showed his drunken blabbermouthed ass the door.

I don't think Leigh has to worry about that anyway He's not in the Marine Corps anyway.

I think Leigh started to join the Corps and got to a certain point and then pussed out.

I believe He's Just another right wing knucklehead who talked a bunch of tough guy shit and couldn't back it up

At 02 September, 2008 23:56, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

(Continues Laughing)

Dress Blue Deltas not good enough for ya huh Robash? You should send me pictures from your time in the Corps....oh were never in the Corps. hahaha. keep talking Robash, keep talking.

At 03 September, 2008 01:17, Blogger robash141 said...

So what Leigh,
John Wayne dressed up in a Marine uniform lots of times and he was never in the Corps either.

That doesn't prove shit.

I'm sure they have lots of costume shops in SF

You sure don't act like a Marine Leigh

Instead you act like some showbiz wannabe clown .

If thats how you wish to be seen Fine that's I'm going to be treating you

At best you're just a cherry assed little leg boy from cushy burbs

Nobody likes an uppity cherry.

At 03 September, 2008 13:14, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

You're really getting desperate Robash. Maybe for the sake of your dignity you should move on to another CR who's not actually in the military.

At 03 September, 2008 14:12, Blogger Doppelganger said...

I found it odd that a Marine in boot camp would find the time ot make comments on an internet discussion board.

Rob was not in the Corps. Nor was I. But we were in a combat unit.


At 04 September, 2008 00:08, Blogger robash141 said...

It's Leigh's own fault

I wouldn't doubt the guy except that he gives such weaselly evasive answers to questions. Makes me think he's trying to hide something.

Plus he doesn't show much of the pride or discipline normally associated with Marines.
He seems to think respecting the chain of command is a big joke.

Boot camp if he actually attended, Doesn't seem to have made much of an impression. He seems like exactly the same snide twerp he was before he left.

I believe Leigh cynically milked the Marine Corps for his 15 seconds worth of partisan propaganda and now he's done with them.

Leigh, you're welcome to try and prove me wrong. If you do I'll be happy to apologize. However, I don't think you can.

At 04 September, 2008 00:14, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

A picture says a thousand words Robash.

At 04 September, 2008 00:39, Blogger robash141 said...

In this case it isn't worth shit.

But, then again, a thousand of your words probably aren't worth shit either.

I'm sure they have military surplus stores in San Francisco

They probably have shops in the Castro District that cater to nothing but Marine fetishists. You could probably get a nice spiffy uniform there.

Thats not to far from where you live

Maybe you could show us a picture hanging with some of your boot camp buddies. If you have any, which is doubtful.

Maybe you could get someone to vouch for you who is not one of your little College Republican sucking boys.

At 04 September, 2008 03:33, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

You really feel like i owe you something don't you Robash? Keep telling people i'm faking an enlistment, see how that works out for you. I'm sure you'll come out of it as credible as ever.

(Continues Laughing)

At 04 September, 2008 09:26, Blogger robash141 said...

Speaking as a citizen who supports the military through my tax dollars.

And also as someone who has already given up four years of my life in order to help protect Leigh's monkey ass, maybe he does owe me an explanation.

It just seems odd , any other Marine would be proud to tell us about their service.
But, when asked Leigh just gets crabby,defensive and sarcastic.

At 04 September, 2008 10:04, Blogger Doppelganger said...

Leigh - what is your job in the Corps?


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