Saturday, July 26, 2008

Army to West Point Grads: It's Time to Serve!

Army Secretary Peter Geren has implemented a new policy that West Point grads, among others, must serve in uniform for a couple of years, before being allowed to play professional sports, where they support recruiting efforts.

While letting them "go pro" immediately after graduation may make sense in peacetime, our nation is at war and, as the Navy has also done, this means that new service academy graduates are expected to fulfill their service obligations.

The most famous officer/athlete affected is Caleb Campbell (above, right), drafted in good faith by the Detroit Lions, but other officer-athletes in football and other sports are affected. Those in the middle of the baseball season will be allowed to complete their current obligations before reporting to duty.

Operation Yellow Elephant praises Army Secretary Geren for putting our national interests first. We wish these new officers all the best as they begin their military careers; should they later be able to play professional sports, they'll have much more credibility as military veterans anyway.

Important Note: Of course, any new West Point grad who really wants to go pro right now need only say that he's not heterosexual [whether that's true or not] to get an automatic honorable discharge under "Don't Ask, Don't Tell." He may also get a bill to reimburse the taxpayers for his college education, but if he's really headed to a pro football career, that may not be a serious problem.


At 28 July, 2008 15:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

General, from what college did you graduate and when and where did you serve in the military? Following your military career (?), what have you done to serve your country?

At 03 August, 2008 01:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

July281558: Why not be positive?

Encourage George W. Bush and all proponents of the war in positions of power to actively and aggressively ask people to join the military if they support the war on terror. For some reason they talk up the war, but never ask people to serve.

That's a noble (If you support the war on terror) and proactive (sign up!) action. Being noble and proactive is much better than asking leading questions of negativity.



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