Sunday, August 03, 2008

President Bush on Iraq: Still No Call to Serve

Excerpt from President Bush's Statement on Iraq, July 31:
[ . . . ]

We remain a nation at war. Al Qaeda is on the run in Iraq -- but the terrorists remain dangerous, and they are determined to strike our country and our allies again. In this time of war, America is grateful to all the men and women who have stepped forward to defend us. They understand that we have no greater responsibility than to stop the terrorists before they launch another attack on our homeland. And every day they make great sacrifices to keep the American people safe here at home. We owe our thanks to all those who wear the uniform -- and their families who support them in their vital work. And the best way to honor them is to support their mission -- and bring them home with victory.

Thank you very much. [Emphasis added.]
OYE Comment:

Mr. President, with respect, isn't it time to stop thinking of our men and women in uniform as "They"?

Isn't it time for you to encourage real Americans, if eligible (healthy heterosexuals 41-or-under), to volunteer for military service and
Be A Man! Enlist!?

Isn't the best way to honor our men and women in uniform by encouraging our eligible relatives and friends, our circles of influence, at least to consider military service?

Senator McCain has urged eligible Americans to serve in our military. Mr. President, if we really are a nation at war, can you not join him in issuing a Call to Serve?

Thank you, Mr. President.


At 03 August, 2008 23:33, Blogger kemprof said...

Gotta question for anyone...
I was a Marine infantry officer from a long ago war('69-'74). It seemed to me then that most fellow infantry officers were politically liberal while conservative officers tended to be pilots and in non-combat arms (logistics, communications, engineers). I've wondered if caring for a bunch of poorly educated 19-21 year olds, taking 'em into danger and getting them out all in one piece, is more of a nurturing, caring for others, liberal attitude. Whereas, for example, pilots reflect the "I go it alone and take care of myself" attitude more common among conservatives.
Any one else more recently in the service see a political correlation with officer,s MOS's?

At 12 August, 2008 15:22, Blogger Groenhagen said...

I noticed that the guy (Wek) who runs this blog has yet to enlist. Be a man! Enlist!

At 12 August, 2008 15:25, Blogger Groenhagen said...


I didn't meet many liberals in the Marine Corps. Most of them were pretty conservative across the board. I think that's still the case. Most of those who volunteered for military service after 9/11 were conservatives. The liberals stayed home and founded blogs such as OYE.

At 13 August, 2008 09:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Groeney, Groeney, Groeney...we've missed you.

At 13 August, 2008 14:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kevy, considering that when you enlisted unemployment was running at almost 12%, my guess is that a fair number of the folks who enlisted at the same time had limited job options and couldn't get into college. The lack of education might explain your observations (on a couple of different levels)



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