Monday, September 01, 2008

Chelsea Clinton, Please Consider Volunteering for Public Service

Former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton (above) spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

If Ms. Clinton aspires to national leadership, Operation Yellow Elephant encourages her at least to consider volunteering to Serve Our Nation. Per the Democratic Party Platform, this can include Service to Community, as a teacher or first responder, or Service to Nation, in Our Military or Our Foreign Service.

A military record will add credibility to Ms. Clinton's resume no matter endeavours she pursues later in life. Plus, Ms. Clinton is eligible to seek an officer's commission for a limited time only.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Note: Our national media asked Ms. Jenna Bush whether she has considered volunteering for military service; for this reason, asking Ms. Chelsea Clinton the same question is fair and balanced.

Thank you.



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