Wednesday, September 10, 2008

OYE's YouTube Channel

Operation Yellow Elephant has established a channel on YouTube to help us organize and consolidate all things OYE that are available in the form of a video. Feel welcome to browse through our 'favorites' that include classic Yellow Elephants, chickenhawks, OYE's time at the YRNC, and even a clip of our favorite troll, Leigh Wolf, hanging out onstage with Sean Penn.

This will be a work in progress as we intend to add many more of our past videos as well as the future cowards that support war they have no intention of fighting in. We encourage you to please forward any videos you see that our relevant to our mission. Also, if you have a YouTube account, you can subscribe to our channel and see what we're up to from your homepage.

Thank you for your support,

OYE Headquarters


At 11 September, 2008 19:51, Anonymous Ernie1812 said...

Nice! I'll be watching.

1st Tanks USMC
OEF 2001-2002
OIF 2003

At 12 September, 2008 09:10, Blogger robash141 said...

I thought Groenhagen was the favorite troll around here.

At 12 September, 2008 13:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Groeney was the favorite troll until he was run off of this site...

At 14 September, 2008 19:38, Blogger Wek said...

ernie- thanks for subscribing. Our goal is to add a few YE's every week and hopefully in a couple of months we'll have a complete catalog of cowards.

rob- I guess I fell off the Groenhagen bandwagon. Plus, he hasn't been around in awhile since he's been trying to find a publisher for his 'book'.


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