Monday, October 06, 2008

Son of VP nominee Sen. Joe Biden off to Iraq

AP: Beau Biden, the son of Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Joe Biden, will leave with his unit Friday for several weeks of training in Texas before deploying to Iraq.

OYE Comment: We would like to thank Captain Beau Biden for stepping forward and serving with the Delaware Army National Guard in the Judge Advocate General's office. Our Country is very fortunate in the 2008 election season to have also, from the Republican ticket, Sen. John McCain's and Gov. Sarah Palin's sons serving in uniform. Having the nation's 'elite' serving in the Armed Forces demonstrates to the rest of us that Military Service is a legitimate career option for those of all backgrounds.


At 21 October, 2008 14:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Notice, even in this story the ratio is 3 Republicans to 1 Democrat serving. And the Democrat is a freakin' lawyer!

Military Poll: McCain Over Obama Overwhelmingly

The U.S. military overwhelmingly supports John McCain over Barack Obama in the presidential election. The results are wider than one would have imagined.

The American military supports John McCain by a 3-1 margin over Obama, 68%-23%. The poll was conducted by the Military Times.

At 21 October, 2008 14:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Point is, Republicans ARE fighting the war.

Stupid yellow elephant idea. Democrats are the ones nor serving. Unless they are the inner city ignorant stereotype liberals like to use to describe ALL the military.

Oh - and I DID serve. Semper Fi


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