Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"the next generation of conservative leaders"

What do out-of-work Real Estate dudes become when the housing market gets wheeled out with a toe tag? Charlie Smith had to settle for the National Chairman position with the College Republican National Committee.

This career change may be a good one for Charlie since it isn't advisable to scare a perspective buyer to purchase a home with incoherent rants about Islamic extremism and writing on the surge from thousands of miles away.

"We're concerned about radical Islam, like the Islamic extremism. And we know that many of our friends and family members have been overseas serving our country bravely for years. Senator McCain is the person that is responsible for this surge strategy which is bringing us victory in Iraq."

As 'concerned' as Mr. Smith claims to be about threats to Our Country and winning the War in Iraq, it takes a backseat to posing in a city street GQ style. Our E-mails asking Mr. Smith about his Military service were never answered. Perhaps if we E-mailed him for fashion advice or a phone # to a quality manicurist he may have responded?


At 26 September, 2008 10:31, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

Okay, Charlie, you're "looking for a more secure job market"? Enlist! You'll get a guaranteed paycheck every 2 weeks PLUS Travel opportunities!

You want "to make Washington work for American families and America's youth, once again". By your stance that includes America's Youth fighting Islamic Extremism for years to come. Any chance you'll be joining that fight besides cheerleading at GOP conventions?

And let me get this straight "" is from young conservative bloggers in the... United States.

It sure is easy to espouse these positions when it isn't your ass in the fire, when the courage of your convictions are being upheld by other men.


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