Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Colby Buzzell's Recall

Veteran and author, Colby Buzzell, wrote a piece for Esquire magazine about his involuntary recall from the Individual Ready Reserve. As always Mr. Buzzell's writing is candid, biting, and offers a keyhole peak into the dark thoughts of being unexpectedly sent back to combat.

Slowly, one by one, I started telling my friends about how I was being called back up to go to Iraq, and their reactions were all the same, yet all different. Some got angry, some cried, some wondered, "Wow, they can do that?" The best was the reaction I received from my one Republican friend, who asked me if it was possible for him to come with me to Iraq. He never enlisted in the military and wanted to hurry and sign up so that he and I could go there together, which instantly reminded me of how not long ago, George Bush was telling a group of soldiers about how much he envies them, talking about how "exciting" and "romantic" war must be. I guess Vietnam wasn't "exciting" or "romantic" enough for the president, and that's why he blew it off. But Iraq was much different.

And like Bush, my Republican friend was all atwitter about the prospect of seeing combat in Iraq, and he sounded really enthusiastic about this idea of his, and as desperate as the Army is for bodies, it wouldn't amaze me at all if he could possibly do it, but I told him no, that he couldn't, and when he asked if I was sure about that, I lost it and said, "Jason, I'm going back to Iraq because you didn't!"

OYE Comment: It's pathetic to know that able bodied cowards like Jason Mattera, Matthew Continetti, and a overwhelming majority of Young Republicans' biggest fear is bad sushi when men like Mr. Buzzell have the true concern of facing bullets for a second time. Can we be honest here by acknowledging that if enough men were enlisting, Colby Buzzell would have never received a letter telling him "to report to Fort Benning, Georgia".

Note: Colby was eventually judged to be "NOT DEPLOYABLE" and told "Don't worry, you can go home now."



At 18 September, 2008 11:24, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

The problem is Mattera, Continetti and Ben Ferguson are Darwnisits. By talking tough they fool women into thinking they are brave and strong, then when stronger and braver men go to War and come back dead, injured or psychologically broken, thet remove themselves from the struggle to find a mate and fuck. It's pure genius, Bush and Cheney are they're heroes because they profited from the men of the Vietnam generation winnowing themselves out of the struggle to fuck.

At 19 September, 2008 16:41, Blogger Nickolas said...

It is so important -- more now than ever -- that we elect a democrat as our president, who wants to bring our troops back home. I recently ran as part of a campaign called "Run for the Fallen," where a group of runners ran one mile for every fallen serviceperson in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Over 4,000 miles later, the campaign finished at Arlington National Cemetery. View the awesome footage of the historical event here:

At 19 September, 2008 23:29, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 20 September, 2008 10:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Three months after my enlistment ended I got a Stop Loss Order. Heh, I just ignored it. Four years later I have not heard a peep from the Army.

At 21 September, 2008 13:01, Blogger Doppelganger said...

On a somewhat off-topic note, I was just banned from - within minutes of joining - the Sean Hannity discussion forum for asking the terrible question:

Did Hannity serve in the military?

I take it the answer is a big, fat, yellow, fishy-smelling NO.

At 22 September, 2008 00:54, Blogger Wek said...

doppelganger- let me confirm that for you the answer really is a big, fat, yellow, fishy-smelling NO.

Shocking, huh?

At 22 September, 2008 01:29, Blogger Grung_e_Gene said...

The ChickenHawk is the pinnacle of Human Evolution.

And look at how Hannity encompasses all the traits of a Chickenhawk Warmonger. Hannity, Mattera, Ben Ferguson, Continetti, and Chris Bucovich et al. are the Galapagos Finches of modern times. Perfect examples.

Get used to them. Because when McCain wins and we have a 100 years guerilla war in the Middle East, the only people who'll reproduce will be the Chicken Hawks and then America will have peace because the cowards won't fight.

At 22 September, 2008 12:27, Blogger James said...

We really need to bring our troops home, and put an end to this occupation. Too many Iraqi families and American families have suffered too long -- and the consequences will already last a life time. I thought I would share this video of some of the consequences of the occupation in Iraq, which is on youtube. It's an antiwar campaign called "run for the fallen," in which a group of runners ran 1 mile for every serviceperson in Operation Iraqi Freedom, who lost their life. Over 4,000 miles later, they finished at Arlington National Cemetery. It was really remarkable to see, and I thought that you would enjoy seeing it. Here's the link:


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