Monday, July 23, 2007

Neo-Continetti (again)

It's possible that no one is wishing their youth away more than Matthew Continetti, the associate editor of the Weekly Standard. Under the current Army standards he will be eligible to serve until the year 2024. As we showed last week, when a gentleman phoned C-SPAN to call him a "coward", Mr. Continetti doesn't seem anxious to join The War he vehemently 'supports'. Then, just when his budding chickenhawk feathers were beginning to sprout once again, Hardball's Chris Matthews plucked them off.

Chris Matthews "If you were vulnerable to the draft right now you would have a much less frisky attitude about this war than you might have now."

Don't worry, Mr. Continetti, I assure you that time moves quickly. You'll be 42 years of age and no longer eligible to serve before you know it. But, hey, if Our Country does once again employ The Draft there's always deferments or Canada. I'm sure many of those in the current administration can send you information on how to avoid service if this be the case.

Hat tip to Heather.


At 06 January, 2008 18:28, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you know, YouTube has deleted this video, claiming a terms-of-use violation.


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