Sunday, July 22, 2007

Are Rich Young Men Enlisting? The Washington Post Says No

Money quote:

Civilian and military researchers have confirmed that recruiters are not targeting the very rich, but neither are they aiming at the very poor -- the privileged aren't interested, and the disadvantaged can't handle the increasingly technical training. It's the middle they're after.

OK, Heritage Foundation, once again, we welcome any specific examples of rich people serving in our military. Be A Man! Enlist!


At 22 July, 2007 16:59, Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Mr. X:
I'm rich and i'm enlisting. I support the war and i'm going to fight in it. In fact, i'm unit shopping so i can get to Iraq as soon as possible after i graduate. You going to do a story on that when i enlist?

At 22 July, 2007 17:14, Blogger Wek said...

Mr. X-

We absolutely will do a story on you thanking you for stepping up. You have our word on it.

At 22 July, 2007 18:21, Blogger Karl said...

Mr. X-

Yes, absolutely.

It has been our experience that the best time for publicity is upon graduation from basic training. [This applies also to hometown papers and any other publication with a connection to you or what you are doing, and why.]

So, feel free to keep us informed of your plans. [I'm at Contact This Blog.] Since things can happen, however, the story should be embargoed until graduation from basic training.


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