Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"The Sun Will Come Out......"

Since the previous Tuesday there's been a lot of long faces on college campuses throughout Our Country. After the Republican Party was clubbed like a baby seal in the elections it has caused many College Republicans to become introspective.

In the aftermath of the election, young Republicans grappling with the results are looking at not only why Sen. Barack Obama won over Sen. John McCain, but what the party needs to do in future elections.

"The results were disheartening and I'm sorry to see Virginia go blue for the first time since 1964," David Skiles, 21, the political director of the Fairfax County Republican committee said. "But we were fighting a massive operation - I have to give credit to Senator Obama. The amount of money he threw at us - he was able to keep us on our defenses."

Skiles personally thought that Obama's grassroots approach to the campaign won him the election.

"It wasn't necessarily that Obama was outperforming McCain, it was that he had more people out there at the metro stops and the farmer's markets," Skiles said. "Psychologically, that sent a message."Matthew DeLeon, the 20-year-old first vice chairman of the College Republicans at George Mason University, said he thought McCain did not win for several reasons. DeLeon said that the selection of Sarah Palin as a vice presidential candidate - though made to help win over the base - worked against him due to her "lack of understanding of key issues."

OYE Comment: It's no surprise that the College and Young Republicans lost the election. After all, if they really had the courage of their convictions, they would have contacted military recruiters/ROTC/OCS/whatever to volunteer to serve their country in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.


At 13 November, 2008 00:51, Anonymous Simon said...

So, here's a question. In January, the Democratic party will control both elected branches of the federal government. We'll still have problems recruiting and retaining service members. And, Barack Obama is expected to step up our effort in the War in Afghanistan. At that time, will you go after young Democrats for being willing to help elect Obama, but not being willing to help carry out his foreign policy by serving overseas? Certainly they outnumber young Republicans.

This whole notion of "it's their war" seems rather odd, seeing as how Operation Enduring Freedom had broad bipartisan support, and all the leading candidates of both parties were in favor of it.

At 14 November, 2008 14:06, Anonymous Leigh "Yellow Jackass Fan" Wolf said...

and the people chant "OYJ OYJ OYJ!" give the people what they want...give them Operation Yellow Jackass! Of course we know this will never happen. OYE will continue to facebook stalk CRs and hide in the bushes outside their house waiting for them to do something disagreeable. I don't think it really matters though. OYE is dying anyway, fewer posts, fewer comments, less traffic in general. It used to be no one comes around these parts much anymore.

At 16 November, 2008 07:23, Blogger OYE said...

Simon 13 November, 2008 00:51

We've called on Democratic Party supporters to Be A Man! Enlist! in the past, and renewed it today. Let's see if they learn from the Yellow Elephants' experience about personal as well as political credibility.

At 16 November, 2008 18:21, Blogger Wek said...

Leigh- good to hear from you. Were you the one that started that "Operation Yellow Jackass" site that lasted about 2 posts? BWAHAHA!


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