Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mouth Strong, Body Weak

Unable to find Senators and Congressmen to harass, Jason Mattera took his act to a Washington DC park to bait some homeless people. Operation Yellow Elephant had little use for the below video until the 1:58 mark when Mr. Mattera attempted to do pushups.

OYE Comment: Jason, this is a piss-poor stab at performing an elementary exercise. We here at OYE doubt you have the strength and stamina to be able to perform intercourse in the missionary position. Again we would like to encourage you to reach out for help to a number of folks who can assist you become stronger and add credibility to your thin resumé.


At 24 November, 2008 12:52, Anonymous SG123 said...

Let me assuage your doubts about his strength and stamina. I can personally attest to both... and his big one.

At 24 November, 2008 14:38, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

Missed you guys at CRNC in Vegas! WTF?

At 24 November, 2008 23:11, Blogger Wek said...

SG123- "SG" as in "single guy"?

Leigh- Sorry dude, I don't make much money living in my parent's basement. "Hey Mom throw me down a big of chips".....(munch, munch)...You should have let me know you were going....(munch, munch) I could have hooked you up with an OYE t-shirt.

At 24 November, 2008 23:15, Blogger Wek said...

SG- one more thing: not that I should be one to correct grammar, but it looks as though you spelled "sausage" wrong.

At 25 November, 2008 13:35, Anonymous Leigh Wolf said...

Um, can you still hook me up with a shirt? There's a bag of BBQ ruffles in it for you.

At 25 November, 2008 23:37, Blogger Wek said...

Leigh- I'll think about it. Although I'll expect you to do something like let the air out of the tires in cars belonging to Code Pink clowns or something along those lines.

At 27 November, 2008 09:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're quite wrong on this one.

You're assuming that Jason Mattera can persuade a consenting adult female to welcome his romantic attentions, on a voluntary, non-compensated basis, that is.

I sincerely doubt it.

At 30 November, 2008 10:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those were not push-ups, Jason was sexually assaulting the side walk!

At 30 November, 2008 11:47, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 30 November, 2008 18:53, Blogger Wek said...


Just curious- when was the CRNC in Vegas? Are you speaking of a couple of years ago?


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