Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Here's our take, from MySpace via the Tampa Tribune:

Soldiers' Web Sites Now Serve As Pages From History

By KASIE HUNT The Associated Press

Published: May 26, 2007

Army Pvt. Clinton Tyler McCormick is buried in Florida, but his photo and his words are still online. They haven't changed since he logged in to his profile Dec. 26, 2006 - the day before he was killed by a makeshift bomb in Baghdad.

In earlier wars, families had only the letters that soldiers sent home; bits and pieces often were removed by cautious censors.

Iraq is the first war of the Internet age, and McCormick is one of many fallen soldiers who have left ghosts of themselves online - unsentimental self-memorials, frozen and uncensored snapshots of the person each wanted to show to the world.

Here are the MySpace pages mentioned in the article. Please click on them to remember our fallen soldiers and other servicemembers.

Clinton "Tyler" McCormick.

Nathaniel Given.

Jonathon Millican.

Thank you.


At 28 May, 2007 18:42, Blogger blacktygrrrr said...

I would consider it a privilege if you would add my blog to your list of links if you feel it is of a high quality.

A peaceful Memorial Day to you.



At 29 May, 2007 17:38, Blogger OYE said...


Thanks for the suggestion. You should know that this blog is very specialized and nothing on yours readily available addresses our topic.

However, if you are eligible to serve [healthy heterosexual 41 or under], why don't you contact a military recruiter and volunteer?

Thank you.


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