Friday, May 18, 2007

The Commerce Department: Be A Man! Volunteer for Iraq!

The MSM has joined Operation Yellow Elephant in asking Administration officials to personally support President Bush by volunteering for Iraq. Here's a recent discussion at the Commerce Department:

Few at Commerce Want Iraq Stints
[published May 9, 2007]

The call has gone out from on high at the Commerce Department for a few good men and women.

Heeding President Bush's recent appeal for government civilians to serve stints in Iraq helping with the embattled rebuilding mission, Commerce Secretary Carlos M. Gutierrez sent an agency-wide memo last week imploring workers to sign up for a year in Iraq.

"I am asking all Commerce employees to consider supporting this important effort," he wrote.
[And it goes on to say the usual.]
- - - - - -

Since Gutierrez sent the memo five days ago to all of the approximately 39,000 employees at Commerce, he has received 40 responses. The department would not say how many -- if any -- of those responses were "yes."

"All were interested in getting more information about the opportunity," Commerce spokesman Richard Mills said. "We've been pleased that department employees have helped in Iraq, and we expect that to continue."

- - - - - -
[One career employee, National Weather Service spokesperson Dennis Feltgren, noted that the weather service lacks surplus staff who can drop everything and go to Iraq. The story continues:]

Asked if he would oblige the commerce secretary's request, Feltgen paused and said: "That is a decision that the individual would have to make personally. It's a personal decision."

Him personally?

"No, I will not consider it," Feltgen said.

Mills, a politically appointed department spokesman, shared Feltgen's initial sense of privacy -- even more so -- when it comes to the question of serving in Iraq.

"I'd just prefer not to comment about my own personal situation," he demurred.

Come on, Mr. Mills. Support President Bush! Be A Man! Volunteer for Iraq!


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