Saturday, March 31, 2007

Credible Candor from Iraq

OT, but it's one of the best expressions anywhere. It's an e-mail to Andrew Sullivan concerning his criticism of a U.S. Marine Corps [?] tank in Iraq with "New Testament" written on the tube.

E-Mail of the Day, from a soldier in Iraq:

I would hope to see you over here in theater running your pie-hole about your calls to remove Marines from their post for the 'New Testament' inscription on the main battle tank. You would be buried with your insurgent 'friends' that you support, through your criticism of our men and women dying for this mission with a bulldozer.

For your safety, I would not even be around soldiers, airmen, or marines. Treason is a high crime and misdemeanor and the price is quite high. Your actions border on treason. You could not survive the long days, enemy in-direct and direct fire, and high demands that our soldiers today execute in 100 degree weather. You would have to have a rucksack full of Vagisil for your clam pal to make it a week here.

Most of us are Christians and will continue to support our faith in any way we see fit. Do the right thing: support us or STFU !!!!!!!!!!

OK, Andrew, you need to archive your old stuff somewhere.

Hat tip here.


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