Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kitty Kelley Joins Operation Yellow Elephant

Op-Ed in the LA Times:

Why aren't the Bush Daughters in Iraq?

The President's family has set an appalling example for wartime sacrifice.

Well, we would have focused more on the President's nephews [healthy heterosexuals all, of course] than his daughters and nieces, but we still warmly welcome her to Operation Yellow Elephant. We also thank Ms. Kelley for pointing out many ways in which real Americans not eligible to serve can still support our troops.


At 21 March, 2007 15:50, Blogger The Truffle said...

When even Kitty Kelley starts to make sense, you know the world's gone loopy.

Seriously, someone should also encourage twenty- and thirtysomething righties to enlist. There's an online drive to encourage Blogger for Bush Mark Noonan to enlist. What about his fellow Bloggers for Bush?

At 20 April, 2007 12:42, Anonymous Mrs. Ted Nancy said...

Is there any truth to the story: H.W Bush's plane was shot down in WWII and he didn't help his fellow crew member escape and this man died. The other guys in his squadron wouldn't go up with him after this and thus H.W. was sent home as a war hero.

Just wondering.


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