Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Credible Conservative

Assuming that his story checks out [a major assumption in this case], Operation Yellow Elephant salutes Cpl Matt Sanchez, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, for his service to our country. We welcome more details.

Yes, we also praise his efforts to encourage Columbia University to welcome the military.

Apparently, Mr. Sanchez [he's not a Corporal when he's out of uniform, off duty and most certainly not in full compliance with all military regulations] has also embraced both the Marine Corps virtues of physical fitness and selfless service as well as good old-fashioned American capitalism, free markets and libertarian personal freedom between consenting adults.

At minimum, the Conservative Political Action Conference should support his continued service to our country in all its aspects.

Hat tip to NGLTF for the best press release ever. Here's why we're hesitating:

Joe.My.God(JMG): Are you a registered Republican? Have you donated time or money to the GOP or any Republican candidate?

SANCHEZ: I'm a registered Republican, although I will admit that I voted for Hilary the first time around at Senate, following 9/11.

[OYE Comment: What? Hillary ran for Senate from New York in 2000. This preceded 9/11; it didn't follow it. Please take anything this guy says with several grains of salt.]


At 08 March, 2007 21:14, Anonymous Gator Bait said...

Would it be considered a heterosexual or homosexual encounter if Coulter slept with Cpl. Sanchez?

At 10 March, 2007 08:18, Blogger Karl said...

Such an encounter would constitute bestiality.

At 10 March, 2007 16:19, Blogger Cpl. Matt Sanchez said...

Mea Culpa:

I live in Manhattan, and voted for Hilary in 2002, following the attacks on the WTC. My reasoning was two-fold:

1. I thought Hilary could bring more federal attention to the embattled city.

2. I thought her opponent, Rick Lazlo, was not quite ready for prime time.

I do regret my decision, Hilary has only used her New York platform as a beachhead to launch a national campaign. If there's anything in my past I should be embarrassed about it's the fact I voted for Hilary.

At 10 March, 2007 21:15, Blogger Karl said...


Hillary was not on the ballot in 2002.

At 12 March, 2007 08:36, Blogger KayInMaine said...

Huh. I guess gays in the military are okay as long as they're republican.

At 20 March, 2007 16:34, Anonymous Emmy said...

These guys open their mouths, lies just fall out.
They can't help it they're Republicans.


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