Tuesday, February 27, 2007

General William Odom Calls on Hugh Hewitt to Man Up!

Retired Army Lieutenant General William Odom appeared on Hugh Hewitt's radio show February 15 to discuss his Washington Post op-ed. Here's the transcript:

William Odom [WO]: And following…let me ask you. Are you enthusiastic enough to put on a uniform and go?

Hugh Hewitt [HH]: No. I’m a civilian.

WO: Okay, but we can recruit you.

HH: I’m 51, General.

WO: And I don’t see all these war hawks that want to…none of them have been in a war, and they don’t want to go.

HH: Well, General, are you advocating that only uniformed military should have opinions on this?

WO: No, you can have an opinion, but if you…you can’t start telling me that you’re going to just pay no attention to what people like myself say.

We warmly welcome Lt. Gen. (ret.) Odom, USA, to Operation Yellow Elephant.


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