Sunday, February 25, 2007

San Pablo CA joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

Letter to the Editor of the Contra Costa Times:

Armchair war supporters should enlist

I do grow weary of having to repeat myself, but it's for the good cause of placing a tourniquet on the spurting vein that is Bush and his illegal Iraq occupation.

Why is it that I cannot get folks such as Ted Breitmayer (Letters, Jan. 23) to answer my simple question? I pose this question consistently to Bush supporters and they never answer.

Here it is again: You like Bush and his war? Why are you not at the local recruiting office signing up to get on those Baghdad front lines immediately?

Then you could directly ask the young guys and girls being maimed and dying for "big oil" (read Halliburton) why the leftist media doesn't show the "good times" in Iraq.

If folks such as Breitmayer are representative of what the Republican Party has become, then anyone who claims the label should be downright embarrassed.

Once again, to the three Bush supporters left out there: The Marines are looking for a few good soldiers.

Jenny Tuffnell

San Pablo


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