Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nevada Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

Money quote:

Supporters of former Sen. John Edwards were the first to post a sign Wednesday morning outside the Carson City Community Center, where eight Democratic presidential hopefuls participated in a forum.
- - - - - -
Once members of the College Republicans of Nevada [above] began to show up, however, one of them decided they wanted to post a sign too - on top of the Edwards sign.
- - - - - -
"They're Republicans protesting the Democrats," Angila Golik, a teacher at Carson High School, explained to a group of history students.
- - - - - -
Not everyone welcomed the GOP spectacle.

An especially long chant brought about a scream from one of the forum ticketholders as he was entering the building, "Go to Iraq!"

Note: The Brigham Young University directory doesn't show any students with the names those two young men above provided. Perhaps they're really Dropout Republicans after all.


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