Saturday, February 03, 2007

Nebraska Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!


From the Lincoln Journal-Star, a major and influential paper throughout the entire state.

Letters, 2/1: Calling all believers

Thursday, Feb 01, 2007 - 12:22:54 am CST

Sandra Heinz’s letter to the editor (LJS, Jan. 25, second letter) criticizing Sen. Chuck Hagel and expressing unwavering support for President Bush undoubtedly reflects the feelings of many of her fellow Nebraskans.

I’d like to ask her and other like-minded citizens whether they have acted on their belief in their cause. This is, after all, their fight.

Heinz (and her fellow supporters of the Iraq war), if you are serving in the military, thank you for your service. I hope you are now deployed in theater or, if not, that you volunteer to be deployed as soon as possible.

If you are not currently in the military and are a healthy heterosexual age 18 to 42, you are eligible for service. Please contact your Army recruiter at 505 N. 27th St., Lincoln, NE 68503 or call (402) 742-3339. If you are under 18, please enlist as soon as you come of age. If you are over 42, please encourage your healthy heterosexual children and/or grandchildren between the ages of 18 and 42 to enlist.

George Bush needs all the help he can get fighting the war in Iraq. Those who so fervently believe in his cause should be happy to support it with their own blood and treasure and not send others to do their fighting for them.

Jessica V. Schultz, Lincoln

Scroll down for the comments (read from bottom up). Wow.

Hat tip to Fierce Planet.


At 03 February, 2007 13:51, Blogger Dr. Chan Phd,MD,PDA said...

After reading the actual letter my suspicion as to the decaying condition of American democracy is only further confirmed. Absolutist statements like,
"Hagel’s views align him as usual with the Democrats. Why can’t he just jump over the fence and join the party he really represents?"
demonstrate that as a democracy America may be old but it is immature. Too many people believe that being a rational human being who doesn't see the world in black and white makes you a "flip flopper" or a traitor. That view itself isn't a problem till it leads to Republicans baying for the blood of Democrats, even going as far as saying that the Democrat party should be outlawed or disbanded (I have heard this said before). What they don't realize is that a two party system is barely a democracy as is, and if you were to take away the only other party then it wouldn't be a democracy anymore. Argh! Democracy is being treated like a battle between good and evil, like some kinda war. Being that you have been studying the condition known as "politics" for much longer than me can you tell me is this all in my head or should I worry?

At 03 February, 2007 17:13, Anonymous Gator said...

Jessica did a fantastic job encouraging honest debate in the heart of wingnut country. She exposed those cowards that have more excuses than courage. I particularly laughed most loudly at the moron that posted "if I support Scott Middle School's band, I should pick up an instrument and join the kids on stage" in the comment section of the paper. Wow, these folks will never stop making me shake my head.

At 04 February, 2007 23:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I've tried getting those war supporter people to serve also but they never took me up on the offer. Its almost like pulling teeth. But then again we are talking about cowards after all.

I left the Republican party a few years ago for that same reason. I'm a veteran (USMC) and I noticed that there were very few other veterans in the Republican party. I felt like we veterans were/are the outcasts. I felt like we few were kept around by the chickenhawks so that they could pat our heads like we are some sort of dog. If we questioned their strategies I felt like we were being scolded (Just like Sen. Hagel, another veteran is now) and hit over the nose with a newspaper.

Now, I hang out with Democrats, independents, Libertarians, liberals, etc and I don't feel the way I once did when I was with the Republicans. At least with those groups, I do have a say and I will shout down the chickenhawks at every turn.

By the way, here is a joke. How do you clear out a Republican meeting? Bring a military recruiter as a guest! lol or better yet, instead of yelling "fire" yell "Military draft!". Then watch then run for the doors. lol

At 08 February, 2007 02:08, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you only offer the Army's info? Why not the Marine, Air Force, or Navy?

At 13 February, 2007 16:32, Anonymous steve cameron said...

What's amazing in reading some of the responses to Jessica's letter is that so many war suppoters believe that our cherished Liberty and Freedom is at stake here. Like if Iraq, Iran, Syria, etc. won, we would all have to convert to Islam, and be hounded by secret police for writing letters like hers.

Welcome to Bizzaro America!

At 21 February, 2007 19:05, Blogger Karl said...


Along with the Marine Corps, our Army is bearing the greatest burden in Iraq and that's why we focus on them.


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