Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pennsylvania Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

From the Pocono Record:

Why don't Iraq war supporters ask for real sacrifices of us all?

January 19, 2007

Editor, the Record:

I find it amusing that hawk John McCain, the right-wing media like Fox News, and neo-fascist talk show ideologues like Rush Windbag hurl the gauntlet at the anti-war wing in Congress demanding they put up or shut up by cutting off funding for the war which, by the way, isn't a bad idea.

Let's put the shoe on the other foot. If victory as defined by Fuehrer Bush and his neo-con clique is so vital, why don't they jack up taxes, initiate World War II-type bond drives, excise taxes, bring on the draft, institute rationing of strategic materials, and start a Manhattan-style crash program to reduce our dependence on oil imported from hostile countries? The only sacrifice asked is from our incredibly brave armed forces and their families, about .05 percent of the population.

Keep shopping, America, and don't forget to replace the faded yellow ribbons on your car.



OYE Comment: The least they can do is encourage real Americans (healthy heterosexuals 41 and under) who agree with them to Be A Man! Enlist!

If they can't even do that, they're political Yellow Elephants (i.e., cowards, wusses and pussies) themselves.


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