Saturday, March 03, 2007

CPAC 2007: Military Recruiters Didn't Even Bother!

We all know why military recruiters weren't even invited to CPAC:
Something else these folks have done well is turn out the new generation of wingnuts. The average age of the attendee here has got to be below 30 - there are literally thousands of College Republicans moving about in Brownian style from exhibit to exhibit, conference to conference, speaker to speaker, ballroom to ballroom.
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Oh... but there's one notable - striking, even - absence.

There are no military recruiters here. No United States Marine Corps. No Army, no Navy, no Air Force or National Guard - hell, not even the Coast Guard is here. Thousands and thousands of College Republicans, but not a single recruiter in sight...


Let's try this: CPAC didn't want to be embarrassed when pictures were released that showed recruiters standing around looking lonely. Similarly, recruiters know it's a better investment of their time to troll "the other malls" rather than to recruit these nice white college boys.
Thanks to Mike Stark, a Real American.
Hat tip to Joe Sudbay of AmericaBlog, whom we warmly welcome, along with Mike Stark (a longtime member), to Operation Yellow Elephant.


At 03 March, 2007 20:08, Anonymous PDQ said...

You know who else wasn't an exhibitor at CPAC? Log Cabin Republicans.

I wonder why that is.......(puzzled look on my face, scratching my chin)

At 03 March, 2007 20:11, Anonymous Mike Stark said...

Tehy asked about you guys while I was there.

I insisted that I be taken to the person responsible for not inviting the recruiters. They brought me to a back office and asked who I was. I told them I was an anonymous blogger and a fromer Marine and I was pissed off that the military would be so disrespected that they weren't even offered tables to recruit some of the 4,000+ young conservatives. They asked me if I was from Operation Yellow Elephant.

I had to pretend to have never heard of y'all. At least I didn't have to do it three times before sunrise...

At 03 March, 2007 20:12, Anonymous Mike Stark said...

btw - we've worked together prior to this - I'm the blogger that punked Brian Kilmeade with you guys on his radio show.

At 03 March, 2007 20:24, Blogger Karl said...


Of course. We warmly embrace you as a longstanding member of Operation Yellow Elephant.

Well done!

At 03 March, 2007 23:42, Blogger Mike Stark said...

btw - i have them asking me if I'm with you on audio... ya want it?

At 04 March, 2007 08:27, Blogger Karl said...


Feel free to spread these out over the next couple of days.

At 06 March, 2007 11:18, Blogger Grunge_Genie_Weenie said...

To all involved in Yellow Elephant,

I want to let you know that what you are doing is the essence of bravery.

To put yourselves on the line against the plutocratic ruling class and to challenge their sickening and callous use of americans and iraqis leaves me in awe.

I personally know too many marines who have had their lives wasted in iraq.

I just thought I'd let you know.

Gene, former USMC Sgt.


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