Saturday, March 03, 2007

Peter Beinart Admits He's Yellow!

Now that the loyal opposition has taken control of Congress, Operation Yellow Elephant must, of necessity, take into account bipartisanship. Exhibit A: Peter Beinart, who just penned his last column for The New Republic.
How I Got the Iraq War Wrong

Why, exactly, did you support this war?" asked my wife the other day. A fitting question for my last TRB, since people have been asking it of me and this magazine since we made that disastrous decision more than four years ago.
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I was willing to gamble, too--partly, I suppose, because, in the era of the all-volunteer military, I wasn't gambling with my own life. And partly because I didn't think I was gambling many of my countrymen's. I had come of age in that surreal period between Panama and Afghanistan, when the United States won wars easily and those wars benefited the people on whose soil they were fought.
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Great comments, too. Note that Operation Yellow Elephant has invited Mr. Beinart to consider volunteering for military service, and he blew us off, too.

Hat tip here, here and The Washington Times' Greg Pierce.



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