Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Arizona Joins Operation Yellow Elephant!

Letters to the Editor of the Arizona Wildcat (scroll down to third letter):
Support the troops? How 'bout joining them?
I was delighted to read that a bunch of patriotic, young, able-bodied Americans have decided to "support the troops" by standing around the mall waving flags. I am sure the troops will be delighted, too.

The thousands of victims of "stop-loss" orders (some mothers of young children, some freshly wounded or victims of post-traumatic stress disorder), who would like to quit the army but are sent involuntarily back to Iraq because of lack of suitable volunteer recruits must be delighted. As must the soldiers forced to serve next to white supremacists, gang members, psychopaths and criminals, who all went through the selection process because the army is so short of suitable voluntary recruits it allowed any recruiting standards to be ignored.

In these circumstances, I naively think that the only way for an able-bodied UA student to support the troops is to walk to the Military Recruiting Center at 2302 E. Speedway Blvd., fill out an enlistment form, and provide the troops with some relief. Such a course of action is also perfectly in line with conservative philosophy of personal responsibility: Since a Republican administration and Congress have, through lies and bullying, successfully dragged the U.S. and the world into this war, it's only right that their young supporters should experience it first hand. I mean, it would be so much more constructive than wasting thousands of their parents' dollars listening to a bunch of UA professors who were such a bunch of America-hating commies to believe, by a wide majority, that this war was a piece of criminal idiocy.

But since I am obviously being naive, I look forward to the next "we support the troops all the way!" Kegger party. The rest of us can go to and read further examples of such timeless patriotic commitment.
Giorgio Torrieri UA alumnus

Let's ask University of Arizona College Republicans Vice President Mike Sistak [above, left] and Treasurer Brad Burns [above, right] to Be A Man! Enlist!


At 28 February, 2007 12:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It looks like 8 weeks at Camp Lejune or Fort Jackson would be a good help for young Mr. Burns. Get in shape Brad, the GOP will need you in the next few decades.

At 28 February, 2007 19:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Submit an application to join the Arizona College Republicans and help them support the troops!


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