Monday, March 05, 2007

Does the Washington Times Support Our Troops?

Please consider the facts, and make your own decision.

The Washington Times prominently covered Vice President Cheney's March 1 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
And they buried the resignation of Army Secretary Harvey on page 4.
It would have been wonderful for the Vice President to have encouraged at least some of the healthy heterosexual males 41 and under at CPAC to consider volunteering for military service. But he chose not to.
The Washington Times devoted its top editorial February 27 to increasing troop levels. Except for the final sentence, it reads like a news item. Nowhere does The Washington Times ever encourage healthy heterosexual men, 41 and under, to consider volunteering for military service in the Global War on Terror, even if they plan other careers later in life.
'Talk about missed opportunities.

Let's be honest: The situation at Walter Reed, and probably elsewhere, is a disgrace to our nation. If influential individuals in our great country personally knew enlisted servicemembers, these problems would never have been allowed to happen, or they would have been fixed, pronto.
Nobody at high levels of our government should have to depend exclusively on official sources of information, including the MSM.
As General (ret.) Colin L. Powell put it, Check Small Things.


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