Monday, April 23, 2007

Mitt Romney: Are Your Five Sons Wusses? Be A Man! Enlist!

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney (R), now running for President, has not, to date, encouraged any of his five sons, all healthy heterosexuals of military age, even to consider volunteering for military service. [From left, Josh, Mitt, Ann, Matt and Tagg. Not pictured are Ben and Craig.]

While all of them are adults and must make their own decisions, which we respect [we consider their participation in their father's campaign as part of family unity, including their blog], we cannot help but wonder what kind of a national 'leader' cannot even ask members of his own family to consider setting an example for the rest of us.

This doesn't concern just military service. Think about ethics, corruption, etc. It'll be worse than Bill and Hillary and all those pardons issued January 19-20, 2001.

Hat tip to TBogg.


At 25 April, 2007 15:40, Blogger The Undertoker said...

What a bunch of crap this site is. Nothin' but warmongors and propagandists here.

At 29 April, 2007 19:55, Blogger Phil said...

The pinko limeys, ever determined to take the pull outta USuk, are having second thoughts about Prince "Harry" supporting the noble empire in Iraq.,,2067622,00.html

Nevertheless patriots should know not all english pillow biters agree. One particularly astute Brit,,2068018,00.html said:
"I say, good on old Harry 'put me on the front line' Windsor. He's obviously keen to have a crack at Johhny Arab, and why not?

The natives do seem to be getting a little restless down there - it's probably all that damn heat - and I'm sure all it will take to pacify them is to for Harry and his chaps to make an example of some of the ringleaders and tell the others to stop being so bloody stupid. It's the tone of voice thy respect after all.

Once again, good on Harry! He's certainly full of true British spunk. Into battle! Ra, Ra, Ra!!"

Pity this englishman will eventually have to be taught just whose empire it in the 21st Century!

At 12 May, 2007 19:52, Anonymous Wek said...

In a speech in Michigan today Mitt said he wishes to expand our military by 100,000 ( I wonder if his sons are part of his expansion plan?


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