Sunday, May 20, 2007

Calendar Check: Young Republicans National Convention, July 4-8, 2007, Hollywood, Florida

The next Young Republicans National Convention takes place July 4-8, 2007, in Hollywood, Florida [between Fort Lauderdale and Miami]. More details here.
Operation Yellow Elephant greatly appreciates YRNC2007's including on its website a segment on Young Republicans in our military. We thank them for their service to our country.
This is an excellent step that will help all of us to convince real Americans that the future leaders of the Republican Party are indeed doing everything they can to Support President Bush.
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At 20 May, 2007 22:54, Blogger Barakku said... guys get no sad. I can't imagine why, maybe people aren't freakishly in love with your elitist crap?
A show of hands, how many people has seen Iraq up close? How many have handled a military-issue firearm? Anybody? Don't be shy, anybody?

Thought not. But about your bitching over "OMGEeeeeeeeeeeee, y r teh rebups not fighting teh wars?!!??!", look at the amount of republicans in the military, then the amount of democrats. Everyone I know that's enlisting in the National Guard, Navy, Army, ect. are all republicans. I wonder why.

At 21 May, 2007 09:24, Blogger OYE said...

Thank you for your comment, but your logic is wrong.

You're focusing on people in the military, most of whom choose to be Republicans.

We're focusing on Republicans, only a small percentage of whom have chosen to consider volunteering for military service even in the Global War on Terrorism under President George W. Bush "43."

At 21 May, 2007 10:58, Blogger Toby Rogers said...

You're doing great work! Thank you. The photo for the YRNC looks like something from Yoga Journal or something (which is ironic because the YRNC stands for the opposite of all things yogic).

I imagine your work makes a lot of young Republicans feel uncomfortable because it perfectly makes the point--these people support the war only as long as other people are doing the killing and the dying.

At 21 May, 2007 22:04, Blogger Barakku said...

You expect a large percentage of Republicans to fight the war? So, if I vote for something, I have to get directly involved? So if I'm against the war...I should actively be shooting American military officials! It makes perfect sense.
Seriously man; a very small fraction of the population needs to fight this war, and that fraction is fighting (Any dificulty we have in "winning" is due to fringe terrorist groups, the "war" itself had been over a long time). We don't need every single person from a political party to attack a country; we don't need that many people period.
Hence the whole we don't have drafts thing.

At 22 May, 2007 01:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously man; a very small fraction of the population needs to fight this war, and that fraction is fighting

That's about the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

At 22 May, 2007 11:24, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Barraku -

You have to be kidding me! Everyone with an actual military background says we need a larger army to fight and win the wars in the middle east.

"The truth is, the U.S. Army is in serious trouble and any recovery will be years in the making and, as a result, the country is in a position of strategic peril," said retired Gen. Barry McCaffrey, the former four-star commander of Southern Command and a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam and 1991 Persian Gulf wars.

If anything, he argues, the Pentagon has masked the extent of the Army's manpower troubles through the use of several questionable methods: involuntary "stop-loss" authority, which allows the Army to compel soldiers who reach the end of their enlistment to stay in uniform; waivers that allow in recruits who in former years would have been rejected because of poor academic performance or low scores on Army standardized tests, criminal records, or high age; keeping 10 Army brigades in combat beyond their anticipated one-year tours; the call-up of 13,000 "individual ready reservists"; an overreliance on the National Guard as a regular-force augmenter rather than as a strategic reserve; and the use of as many as 100,000 private contractors in Iraq.

"Despite all of those gimmicks, young battalion commanders tell me that recruiting standards have slipped terribly due to waivers; drug and alcohol abuse have increased dramatically; the word has come down not to flunk anyone out of basic training; and we've increased the age limit to allow 42-year-old grandmothers to enlist in the Army," McCaffrey said. "And still there is a sense of denial of the problem in the Pentagon that I find utterly beyond belief. My bottom line is that the Army is unraveling, and if we don't expend significant national energy to reverse that trend, sometime in the next two years we will break the Army just like we did during Vietnam. Only this time we won't have 10 years to fix it again. There will be no time-out from the global war on terror, or from threats like North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, you name it."

What's your solution to America's over burdened volunteer army? When are college Republicans going to learn about real American values like duty and sacrifice?

At 22 May, 2007 15:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who said YRs aren't in the military? I know many in Iraq right now. Why does OYE lie?

At 22 May, 2007 16:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Military absentee ballots come back overwhelmingly in favor of Republican candidates, yet you want us to believe no Republicans are willing to fight in the war? Come on!

At 22 May, 2007 17:04, Anonymous bob said...

I've long wondered if the people behind OYE were volunteers or paid professionals. This site has been around for how many years now????

Give it a rest folks. The neocon's days are numbered and Billy-Boy is already picking out silverware and china patterns for his return to the White House.

Maybe ya'll should pack it up. Otherwise you might find yourselves in a difficult situation...

If a democrat is elected president and does not end the occupation of Iraq, will you shift gears and encourage young democrats to join the fight?

At 23 May, 2007 19:43, Blogger OYE said...


As a non-partisan grass roots citizens initiative to Support Our President, Operation Yellow Elephant is made up solely of volunteers.

We have challenged the Democratic Party on this exact same issue in the past, and will continue to do so as long as the Democratic Party is a part of our national government.

When OYE started early in 2005, the Republican Party controlled both Houses of Congress as well as the White House, making it quite clear where the responsibility lay.

Why don't you go to You'll come right here.

Stay tuned.

At 25 May, 2007 21:03, Anonymous bob said...

Am I to expect that sometime soon, you'll be bugging the sons and daughters of democratic politicians and liberal pundits in the same way you've harassed the republicans?

In any case, I like you to consider supporting Ron Paul in his bid for president.

Stay tuned...

At 26 May, 2007 17:29, Blogger OYE said...


Why don't you do a search on this blog for Darfur? That should give you some evidence of our consistency.

Now that our two major parties share in governing our country, we are reminding the Democratic Party that national leadership includes responsibilities.

At 26 May, 2007 21:28, Anonymous bob said...

OK, I searched on Darfur, but I'm still not sure if you guys are for or against military intervention there. Please clue me in.

Personally, I don't think it's a good idea.

So, I guess I'm still confused. Is OYE for or against continuing the undeclared war in Iraq?

At 27 May, 2007 19:47, Blogger OYE said...

OYE is a very specialized blog.

We have taken no position on the wisdom of U.S. military involvement in either Darfur or Iraq.

Our position re any war is that the civilian political leadership of our nation, if it chooses to take America to war, must also encourage real Americans to volunteer for military service, even if they plan other careers later in life. Clausewitz called this the Passions of the people.

Accordingly, it is also the national leadership responsibility of the future leaders of our President's party to Support Our President by setting a good example for the rest of us in this respect.

After all, if President Bush cannot convince even his strongest supporters to Be A Man! Enlist!, how can he possibly achieve a successful outcome in the Global War on Terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere?

At 27 May, 2007 19:51, Anonymous bob said...

Ron Paul on Bill Maher Show 5-25-07

At 28 May, 2007 13:27, Blogger OYE said...


Thanks for sharing, but it's not really on our topic.

If Ron Paul, or any other candidate, specifically addresses our issue, namely, the responsibility of our national civilian political leadership who takes us to war also to encourage real Americans to volunteer for military service, we welcome that.

Send e-mail to operationyellowelephant - at- gmail[ dot ] com. Thanks.

At 28 May, 2007 21:46, Anonymous bob said...

I understand the specialized nature of the OYE blog and appreciate your interest in Ron Paul. I'll keep you informed.

He's saying things that republicans wouldn't dream of saying, and that most democrats aren't brave enough to say.

At 28 May, 2007 22:48, Anonymous bob said...

I've added OYE to the Ron Paul for President email list.

Thanks again for your interest in the Ron Paul Revolution.

I look forward to a day when it will not be necessary for anyone to encourage anyone else to support the brutality of war, for any reason.


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