Sunday, September 24, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Evan Sayet at George Washington University, Washington, DC

Attention Military Recruiters:

Operation Yellow Elephant salutes conservative comedian Evan Sayet, who strongly Supports Our Troops. Money quote from the Washington Times:

Rally on Mall Supports Troops

Backers of the war on terrorism rallied on the Mall yesterday for the second annual Support the Troops and Their Mission Weekend in Washington.

A crowd estimated at between 70 and 100 people waved U.S. and military flags as they listened to speeches by family members of soldiers and representatives of groups such as, the sponsor of the rally; Project 21; and Military Families Voice of Victory.
. . .
Evan Sayet, a comedian and political commentator, said he was a liberal until he witnessed their reaction to September 11, which he said ultimately showed their disloyalty to the country when they railed against the war.

"The left rejects fact, reason and logic as an act of bigotry," he said. "How do they think they're making a better world by siding wholly with evil over good, wrong over right, and the behaviors that lead to failure over those that lead to success?"

Mr. Sayet told us he's not eligible to serve, but does what he can to Support Our Troops (for which we thank him), including the following:

I have taken off literally a month at a time to entertain the troops at home and abroad, I contribute a percentage of my shows to the Freedom Alliance Scholarship Fund, have been honored by the California National Guard for my works on their behalf and, perhaps most importantly, speak publicly, loudly and often on behalf of this great nation, this great President and the great men and women of America's armed services.

Mr. Sayet's very pro-America conservative comedy show, "The Right to Laugh," makes its Washington D.C. debut Monday-Wednesday, September 25-27, at George Washington University's Betts Auditorium. Tickets start at $50 (on because it's a benefit for the GWU College Republicans -- a vital force for reason - and military recruitment - on college campuses. We're certain the GWU CRs will welcome - and comp - all recruiters.

So, what does this event have to do with military recruiting?

Everything. Recruiting year FY-2007 begins next Sunday and our Army must enlist an additional 80,000 new soldiers. We're certain that Mr. Sayet can inspire all those healthy heterosexual young people organized by the GWU College Republicans to Be A Man! Enlist! It's far more patriotic than opening a tanning salon. Plus, I'm sure he'll get some good laughs.

Just mention Operation Yellow Elephant.


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