Saturday, September 23, 2006

Encourage The Young Conservative's Geoff Smock: Be A Man! Enlist!

Here's what Geoff Smock (photo, right) of The Young Conservative says in Win This War:

As we remember those Americans lost on this day five years ago it is important to remember the best manner through which we can honor them: remaining steadfast in our effort to fight and win the war of which they were the first casualties.

As trying and painful a war it is to wage, and as much as we may all wish it to be over, we have no other choice left to us but to fight it as hard and as vigorously as it takes, for as long as it takes. The security and well-being of not only this generation, but of generations still unborn, depends upon our willingness to fight and defeat the enemies of democratic civilization today and into the future.

Our fathers and grandfathers accepted this responsibility and confronted these enemies when their age demanded it. Should ours be the generation to forsake their sacrifice and surrender that which they fought and died for on the sands of Iwo Jima and Normandy? Shall ours be the first generation to decline the duty to secure for our children the blessings of peace, security, and liberty?

The thousands of brave and heroic men and women now serving in the armed forces have answered this in the negative. They have and continue to answer the calling of their age. May those whom they serve and sacrifice for at home, and those who lead them more importantly, render the identical answer.

This war is a fight we can and will win, so long as we maintain the will to win it.

OK, Geoff, what exactly do you mean by "We" and "Our"?

According to your profile, you're 19 years old. Will you Be A Man! Enlist!?

Note: We're responding directly to your blog, so no advance notice is required.


At 23 September, 2006 18:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geoff seems to be cheerleader type: note the 12th man badge on his site. RHe likes to include himself as part of the team in his sports interests as well.

At 23 September, 2006 21:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello fellow Hard-Working, Decent, Patriotic Americans,

I have done some research on the war drummers out there. It seems that they have some excuse not to enlist. Well, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they are just TOO busy to sign up. So it is YOUR patriotic duty to sign THEM up for them. Because if they’re asking for war, they should support the war. Here are the links to sign them up for the arm forces:

The ripe candidates are usually any College Republican group, their respective blogs and website. If you can’t get the necessary information there, You can get it here:

Now go out there and start signing these war drummers up. You owe it to them and to your country.

God Bless the OYE!

At 23 September, 2006 23:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bless your hearts! I left Geoffie a little message about letting girlmen push him around. He should be proud of his role as a cheerleader from the sidelines! Just like his cheerleader in chief, Bushie.

At 24 September, 2006 00:34, Blogger Rich Miles said...

Bloodthirsty, pseudo-patriot little scumbags. They rattle their tiny little sabers when it's someone else who has to get out there and die, but when it's their butts on the line - fuggeddaboudit!

Here's something I wrote a few years back, in fact 2 days after the national insanity that was the second Bush "election", that speaks to the theme of this site:

Why We Won't Need a Draft

Oh, and Geoff? Screw off. You're not even an accurate student of history, much less a genuine patriot.

At 24 September, 2006 03:10, Blogger L.J. Abershawe said...

Well, I'm back from Iraq and reunited with my beautiful wife and child.

Just got finished with my second tour there Geoff. When are you planning to go? This is my last tour there since I am leaving the Army in December. Furthermore I am taking up residence in Germany. I'm sickened by young people like yourself who love to spew forth the rhetoric of war, but have no desire to take up arms against the enemy. The majority of my platoon was stop-lossed, the majority are leaving the service to find a better life. Perhaps you and your friends can fill in the available slots that are left in our wake.

At 24 September, 2006 23:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since your such a big supporter of the war let me take a moment and suggest some MOS (military specialities) that are shorthanded and will insure you a ticket to the nearest theater of combat.

11B, Infantry
11C, Mortar man
11X, Infantry or Mortar man
21B, Combat Engineer
31B, Military Police
38B, Civil Affairs Specialist
68W, Combat Medic
88M, Truck Driver
89D, EOD

I did my time and then some. I left the service because I did not support the war. Now lets see if your ass can over the check your mouth has drafted.


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