Saturday, January 21, 2006

Yellow Elephant Supports Global War on Terrorism with Tanning Salon in Washington DC

Meet Kris Hart, a senior at George Washington University and past Chairman of the GW College Republicans, who has decided to Support The President in the War on Terror with a tanning salon.

Yes, rather that Serve His Country on the ground in Iraq, he's making it easy for chickenhawks to pose as Iraq veterans at the College Republicans' nationwide January 30 demonstrations to Support the War on Terror.

Kris Hart can do better than that; so can the GW College Republicans. Ask him here. Ask them there.

Update: The GW College Republicans just got the CRs Best Chapter award. [scroll down to third item.] So there!

Hat tip to Spike.


At 21 January, 2006 12:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kris Hart was also a national level officer of the College Republicans:

When coming to college, Kris began working at the College Republican National Committee as Assistant to the Finance Director. In November of 2001, Kris helped coordinate the "Rally for America" on college campuses across the country. The Rally attracted Senators, Congressmen, firefighters and emergency officers, community and political leaders and students to voice their support for America's troops and President George W. Bush. In May 2002, he worked for the summer and fall semester as the full-time Finance Director of the 1.4 million dollar committee. For his dedicated service, he was named the 2002 Ronald Reagan Activist of the Year, the highest award given to a College Republican."

His work as Finance Director put himself squarely in the middle of the senior-bilking fundraising scandal. The Hamster wrote a takedown here

At 21 January, 2006 12:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Sounds like a real sleazeball.

At 22 January, 2006 16:44, Anonymous Anonymous said...

a shit eating pussy

At 22 January, 2006 16:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are the GW College Republicans held accountable for Kris Hart's career choices??? He's not even a GWCR anymore. By the way, the GW College Republicans were named the 2005 Best Chapter out of over 1,500 chapters nationwide. It's obvious that this post is dripping with jealousy regarding their organizational success and the lack of yours.

At 22 January, 2006 19:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

because they are yellow pussies you dumb shit

At 24 January, 2006 09:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait one minute! According Tyler Sunderman, running for Minnesota College Republican Chair, the University of St. Thomas College Republicans were #1 in 2005.

Is #1 CR chapter sorta like "Employee of the Month"?

This dispute can be quickly settled by a manly Greek nude wrestling match. The General can be the referee, in a heterosexual sort of way, of course.

At 04 October, 2006 21:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I sent them polite email suggesting they ask a recruiter to see if they could help by joining or adding links to their site. Does anyone think they will?


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