Monday, January 16, 2006

All Young Republicans Now Eligible for Active Duty: It's not just for Reservists anymore.

Well, it appears that the Army has now raised the maximum age for active duty from 34 to 39. [Yes, it's not just for reservists any more.] What that will do for the twenty-year retirement when the maximum age for active-duty remains 55 is another matter. [Of course, we'll still be in Iraq in significant numbers then.] If recruiting is going so well, why did the Army even consider this step?

Now, every Young Republican is eligible to enlist, both active-duty and reserve. Will any of them join President Bush's "noble calling"?

I doubt it.


At 19 January, 2006 16:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pussy shitters

At 03 February, 2006 01:56, Anonymous Chrissy said...

rape them in the ass


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