Saturday, January 14, 2006

Army Recruits 741 Prior-Service Soldiers in December 2005 - and Beats its Goal by 41. Hooray!

'Talk about lowering expectations.

For legitimate reasons like the Christmas Holidays, our Army doesn't ship new recruits to basic training (boot camp) in December. So, it's December 2005 recruiting quota/goal/whatever was 700 prior-service soldiers (who don't need to go through basic training again).

It recruited 741. Well done.

That doesn't mean our military recruiting crisis is over; far from it. The elected and appointed political leadership of our country and our governing party, to include its current and future leaders like Ken Mehlman, are still on the hook to encourage healthy non-homosexuals under 40 to consider volunteering for military service.

That is, íf they really want President Bush to achieve success in Iraq. Based on this, however, we still have quite a ways to go.


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