Thursday, January 19, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead for 2008

This fearless Young Republican, Farris Hassan, age 16, of Florida, actually had the courage to go to Iraq to do the right thing, giving Americans a great story during the holiday season. Of course, he's still a minor, etc., but the U.S. Army should certainly keep in touch.


At 20 January, 2006 01:18, Blogger crallspace said...

I love the name of your blog! I love the very accurate yellow elephant as well.

At 20 January, 2006 07:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another lead on College Republicans.

Campus Protests of a Different Color
by Mary Katharine Ham
A heads-up for College Republican readers or readers who are parents of College Republicans.

The College Republican National Committee is planning a nationwide "Finish the Job! Support Our Troops" Rally for January 30.

For info on how to host or join a rally at your school, check the College Republicans site.

The Washington, D.C. rally will be at the American Legion (224 D St., SE) January 30 at 6:30 p.m. Hey, it's hard work supporting the President and the war effort on most college campuses. Get out there and do it with plenty of moral support.


~Foo Fighter~

At 20 January, 2006 07:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, my amazement continues...they are going to "Rally" to "Finish the job" by NOT going to Iraq to fight.

Two of my co-workers have had bake-sales to by body armor for their kids going to Iraq...and these spoiled college kids are going support the kids of my working class buddies by rallying. WTF?

It's like some alternative universe. Sheesh!

Here is the link to the College Republican site.


At 20 January, 2006 12:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Stay tuned for tomorrow.

At 20 January, 2006 18:27, Anonymous Old Fan Moving On said...

I used to like this blog. Then, the content kept getting worse and worse. I'm just here to tell you all that I am logging on for the last time. Your content is trash, your posts are no longer informative, and you really have become hypocritical liars. Off to better blogs...

At 20 January, 2006 18:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

yahoo just picked up the story on that andrew guy from ucla from a few posts ago...

At 20 January, 2006 23:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your posts are of news that is old, out of date, wrong, and boring. i mean, you got the greatest liberal minds in the world working on this site, so why does it suck so bad?

At 21 January, 2006 07:36, Blogger Karl said...


What makes you think that I'm a liberal?

I'm trying to save the Republican Party from liberal charges of cowardice and hypocrisy.

Don't you want to help?

At 21 January, 2006 11:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So have the trolls given up trying to fight this site based on content, and now they only address packaging?


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