Monday, January 16, 2006

Military Recruiting Lead: Wake County, NC

Meet the Wake County Republican Men's Club. While unlike the Young Republicans it appears to welcome men of all ages, its officers, at least, certainly appear to be eligible for the Army Reserve with its new maximum age of 42. [OK, so they'll have to do some extra PT for a while.]

But are they Supporting President Bush by encouraging those of their acquaintance, who are eligible, to consider military service? Or has the home front forgotten about our troops in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere? Ask them yourself. I did. I also asked them to add this link.


At 22 January, 2006 16:50, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit eating pussies

At 03 February, 2006 01:56, Anonymous Chrissy said...

they should put north carolina in the ocean where it belongs get those ass pounding rebs out of the usa and all will be better off



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