Thursday, January 19, 2006

Military Recruiting Numbers: Can They Add Up?

Following very modest results for the first quarter, the Army has increased the recruiting quotas for the rest of the current fiscal year (ending Sept. 30). The goals for June and July 2006 are as much as 2,500 soldiers higher than the same months of 2005; the only strategy so far is more money. These represent significant increases, especially because the Army will have to enlist better qualified soldiers to make up for October and November.

Meanwhile, the Army National Guard will slow its growth, cutting six combat brigades from its planned end-strength. Result: Soldiers will rotate into and out of Iraq/Iran/wherever more often. Don't forget Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden.

OK, Jenna, it's up to you: Will you tell Henry Hager to Be A Man and Enlist?!? Or will you sign up yourself? What about your cousin JEB?


At 19 January, 2006 15:54, Blogger Media In Trouble said...

heh... they also increased the age to 40!

So how many MORE yellow elephants qualify now?

At 22 January, 2006 16:45, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shit eating pussies

At 03 February, 2006 01:51, Anonymous Chrissy said...

lets go kill us some brown people


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