Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Military Recruiting: Background Facts

Here's what Army Chief of Staff General Peter J. Schoomaker had to say about military recruiting recently:

Schoomaker said that one challenge the Army faces in recruiting new soldiers is that in the important 17 to 24 age group which provides two-thirds of all Army recruits, only three in 10 people are qualified to serve in uniform. Out of that age group, the Army chief said, 2 percent are in prison, 20 percent have disqualifying physical or moral attributes, and more than 40 percent are high school dropouts or fail the mental tests. Of those who are eligible, more than half are in college.

So, thirty percent of the cohort meet the basic requirements. That leaves 70% to join the 101st Fighting Keyboarders with a clear conscience. I think I know the Protest Warriors' excuse. Of the thirty percent meeting basic requirements, more than half are in college. OK, College Republicans and Young Republicans, what's your solution?


At 04 January, 2006 11:20, Blogger Jamie said...

I just emailed this to Armato but in case he misses it, how do you think those nice young republicans feel about their former leader?

In college, Abramoff organized Massachusetts campuses for Reagan's 1980 presidential campaign. He graduated from Brandeis University in 1981 and earned his JD at the Georgetown University Law Center in 1986.

After a campaign managed by Grover Norquist and aided by Ralph E. Reed, Jr., Abramoff was elected chairman of the College Republican National Committee. "It is not our job to seek peaceful coexistence with the Left," Abramoff was quoted as saying in the group's 1983 annual report, "Our job is to remove them from power permanently". Abramoff "changed the direction of the committee and made it more activist and conservative than ever before," notes the CRNC. [10]


At 04 January, 2006 14:37, Blogger 7blades said...

All the Protest Warriors EVER do is make up excuses - for themselves and for their president.

I take that back - most of the time they spew hatred, bigotry and personal attacks.

At 06 January, 2006 09:02, Blogger Lily said...

Wish I could contribute something more stellar, but: Abramoff's a weasel.
In addition to the 'problem' of recruiting from the eligible cohort, there are a few other problems that are not mentioned. Indulge me:
*They can no longer woo young kids with X-boxes because mommy and daddy buy them on demand
*the joke that is the GI Bill has been shown to be less promising than traditional financial aid and student loans, which also provide the added bonus of not killing the potential student
* The decision to use depleted uranium, which is not only horrific but can cause chromosomal abnormalities to future-born, has been shown to be NOT THE BEST MARETING.
PS I read that the military was changing the high school criteria to widen that applicant pool- whats the skinny on that prop?


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